Fishermen’s Colony at Copacabana

IMG_8326 IMG_8328 IMG_8329 IMG_7316 IMG_7321At the right end of Copacabana beach, the place we call Posto 6, a fishermen’s colony persit on their daily routine of going out on their boats to fish and selling the fishes they caught in the little fish market just next to Forte de Copacabana.

I just love this little spot of Copacabana beach, so many interesting things happening and so many unique people doing their work.

It is a great place for photography!



  1. Love this post! Beautiful photos! I didn’t know about that and right in the city. So interesting! I get to know more about Rio through your lenses! Xoxo

  2. É incrível, Cris! Nem parece que é a mesma cidade onde moro a vida toda… Acho que a maioria não conhece esse cantinho…

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