6 days to go…

In 6 days the World Cup starts and I feel already butterflies in my stomach.

Here in Rio, especially in Copacabana, we can already breath the World Cup atmosphere. Lots of tourists have already arrived. They are from Japan, USA, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, England, and probably much more. I can identify their nationality by their accent or by the shirts they wear as many of them are already wearing their national team shirt.
And where there are tourists, you can find lots of street vendors selling all those World Cup souvenirs like caps, flags, bags and everything you can imagine in the famous Copacabana sidewalk.

We can see international reporters doing their job, recording Copacabana beach images and policemen working already under the security scheme for the World Cup.

I’m happy to say that people are starting to get into the World Cup mood. Each day I see more and more Brazilian flags in the building windows and car windows, and people wearing the Brazilian national team shirt or just the colors of our flag.

Let the party begin!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

IMG_8729 IMG_8700 IMG_8718 IMG_8705 IMG_8723 IMG_8735







  1. I’m taking my 19-year old son for a week to Rio to see a few games and enjoy the sights of the city (he’s a photography major). We can’t wait! Thanks for sharing so much about your beautiful city, I learned more cool stuff here than in any guidebook!

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