My World Cup first impressions

What I can say about those three days of  World Cup….

  • The Opening ceremony was quite disappointing to all of us Brazilians. I think we all expected something more lively and exciting.
  • The opening game Brazil x Croatia, like any other Brazil’s World Cup game was so electric that I thought I would have a heart attack.
  • I’m loving to see all those football fans in my city!!  The south americans are definitely the majority, but I’ve seen Germans, Australians, English, Americans, Croatians and so many others.
  • I have never seem so many Argentines in my whole life, except of course when I’ve been to Buenos Aires. They have “invaded” Rio de Janeiro! I can’t wait to see their performance tomorrow, at Maracanã,  for the game Argentina x Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • For the first time I am watching the World Cup games with my son. It has been so much fun and an amazing experience!!
  • Brazilians are totally in the mood for football! Although some protests has been taking place in some of the host cities, in Copacabana we can feel a kind of party atmosphere, with all the football fans making jokes with their opponents peacefully and joyfully.
2014-06-10 14.44.01 2014-06-10 15.03.46 2014-06-09 16.39.13


  1. We have just arrived in Porto Alegre! We watched the Brazil VS Croatia at the airport and all the Brazilians were glued to TVs around the airport and the atmosphere with every goal was INCREDIBLE! Then at the Australia VS Chile game – it was unbelievable. The Chilean supporters were gracious and such lovely people – we had a blast! Although we lost, we didn’t care – the experience in itself is just indescribable – but we will try to describe it when we write our posts 🙂
    Absolutely loving it here, Cristina! You live in such a lively and energetic country 🙂

  2. It seems very exciting to see the a World Cup happening right in your city! I wish I could be there with you. Enjoy it and keep posting pictures of everything! Xoxo

  3. Great post! We are traveling around Brazil for a month, and have found it to be incredible! Brazilians are the friendliest people in the world and attending a World Cup here is truly an amazing experience. We loved Rio and love Brazil!

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