My First World Cup Game in a Stadium – Argentina vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since I was a kid I always found the World Cup Games a magic moment. I watched on TV all those people from different countries partying together, each one supporting their own national team, but all of them united for one only reason: passion for football.

I have always wished to attend a World Cup and believed that one day my dream would come truth, but I could never imagine that would be this way. When I was a little girl, I could never imagine Brazil would host a World Cup and that I would be able to watch a World Cup happening in my backyard and in the companion of the two men I most love in this World , my husband and my little boy.

And so we make it!!! My husband took vacation from work and we took the chance of the School holidays to enjoy the most of this Brazil’s World Cup.

So this last sunday, June 15th, my dream turned reality!!!! We went to Maracanã Stadium to watch the electric game Argentina vs. Bosnia Herzegovina.

Our family was divided! While me and my husband was supporting Bosnia-Herzegovina (yes, when talking about football, we brazilians take this rivalry Brazil x Argentina seriously), my little son was supporting Argentina, as he is a big fan of Messi.

My husband bought two Bosnia flags to take to the stadium, but I have to confess that we didn’t have guts to hold bosnian flag inside the stadium. That evening Maracanã was all in blue and white, Argentinians invaded Maracanã and made a beautiful party.

Their passion for football is really contagious, they just don’t stop chanting and they turned Maracanã into their second home. Brazilians who were in the stadium responded their chants, singing ” Sou brasileiro, com muito orgulho, com muito amor!” (“I am brazilian, proudly, with love! “) and “Hexacampeão” (Six times champion!) to provoke Argentinians, who responded back chanting louder and louder.

The game itself was another show! Watching Bosnia national team fight bravely Messi and his companions was really exciting!!

My husband and I were quiet just watching the show, while my son joined the Argentinians party singing with them!! But the atmosphere was a little bit tense, Maracanã was too crowded and we were a little afraid that things could get out of control.

As we were with our little boy we decided to leave the stadium before the game finished to avoid the crowds.

It was a wonderful experience!! Soon I will share with you another great game we watched yesterday Spain vs.Chile!!! Stay tuned!!!

IMG_9171 IMG_9176 IMG_9182 IMG_9198 IMG_9206 IMG_9212 IMG_9219 IMG_9223 IMG_9235 IMG_9263 IMG_9268 IMG_9285 IMG_9294 IMG_9300 IMG_9305 IMG_9301





  1. Lovely commentary. And what a wonderful occasion for the entire family. My son (19) and I will be there on Sunday to see Belgium-Russia. Did it take you long to get inside the stadium? Are there opportunities to buy fan materials (jerseys, face paint, flags) at the stadium? Will it be safe to bring a camera? Do we have to worry about pickpockets and other dangers? So many questions – I hope you can answer a few of them. Thank you so much in advance, and thanks for sharing your experiences in Rio. I love your blog!

    1. Thanks Lutz!! On sunday we arrived at the stadium like one hour and a half before the game started and that was late. We were in Tijuca neighborhood and took a taxi to the stadium. We hit big queues to get into the stadium. So on tuesday we decided to leave home much earlier. We left Copacabana by subway at General Osorio station around 12:20 and arrived at Maracanã around 13:30. The game woukd start at 16pm. The subway was crowded but when we arrived there we didn’t have any trouble to get into the stadium…no queues at all. Abou safety,don’ t worry you can bring your camera! I brought my Dslr with me and didn’t feel worried about it. Just follow the usual tips when in public places and take care of your personal belongings! And don’t show off your tickets for the game. There is plenty of police in the stadium surrounding. About buying fan materials you will find a Fifa store outside the stadium after passing through the security checking and others inside the stadium. I’m planning to publish a post with more detailed tips about this tonight! Enjoy your time in Rio!!!

  2. Thank You for inspiring report with gorgeous photos. In Finland we can see all matches in our television if we can stay awake all the nights due to the time difference. Next Wednesday we are gonna to watch Argentina – Nigeria match.

    I can have a tiny idea about the feeling there is in Your country, because 4 years ago we were in Germany and the feeling was touchable.

    P.S. I am sure that Brazil will be the world Champion!

  3. Interesting post and great pics! I’m a volunteer at the Maracana and enjoyed both games. I’m excited for Belgium v Russia tomorrow. I love Rio – you live in a wonderful city!!

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