Reaching Maracanã Stadium by Subway during World Cup

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We had already the opportunity of attending the two games at Maracanã Stadium, Argentina vs. Bosnia and Spain vs. Chile.

The first one Argentina vs. Bosnia I have already shared with you my experience, the second I will be sharing photos with you soon, but now I just want to share with you my experience to reach Maracanã Stadium by subway.

For Argentina vs Bosnia, we were in Tijuca neighborhood in a family party and we ended leaving for the stadium too late to take the subway, and we decided to go by taxi. We asked the driver to drop us as closer as possible to the stadium.

It was a Sunday and we didn’t hit any traffic from Tijuca to the surroundings of Maracanã Stadium. But we arrived there around one hour and a half before the game start, which I have to say it was too late to avoid the lines to enter the stadium.

The taxi dropped us in the corner of Avenida Maracanã and São Francisco Xavier street , near to one of the police blockages, where you had to show your game tickets to be allowed to pass. We were a little confused about the exactly location of the gate we had to enter but after asking a volunteer we walked to the right entrance, gate E. There were a big line for the gate D entrance which made us feel sorry for not leaving the party earlier. But fortunately when we reached Gate E, the line was not too big and it didn’t take long to pass the security checking point and at the end we could get into the stadium before the game started.

For Spain vs. Chile we were decided to arrive hours in advance to avoid big lines and have enough time to enjoy a little bit the “fun”area after passing the security checkpoint and before the final tickets checking point. In this “fun”area (how I called it) there are special spots to take photos, a Fifa Store, and other Fifa World Cup sponsor booths. As the game was supposed to begin at 4 pm we had an early lunch and headed to General Osorio Subway Station at 12:00. After walking to the station we were inside the subway train around 12:15.

There was already a big traffic of football fans going to Maracanã.  When we dropped the subway at Botafogo to wait for the green line subway that went on Maracanã direction, the platform was already filled with Chile fans and the train departured completely packed from Botafogo. We would like to get out at São Cristovão station, one station before Maracanã station, as it would be closer to reach our gate (gate E), but as everyone was dropping at Maracanã station we had to do the same thing. It was completely impossible to get out of the train at any station before Maracanã stadium.

So we dropped at Maracanã stadium with all the other fans and took the subway back to São  Cristovão Statium, where we got out of the subway and walked to Maracanã stadium. It was a 10 minute walk. We had to pass through at least 3 police blockages where we were supposed to show our tickets before going ahead . It was all a calm and peaceful walk and we hit no line at all to pass the security checking point or the final tickets checking point.

Besides from the fact that the subway was completely packed and that the journey took longer than usual (around 1hour), with the subway train running very slow between the stations, I can say that going to Maracanã Stadium by subway it was a fun experience, with all the Chile fans chanting along the subway journey.

Some notes about going to Maracanã by subway:

  • For those who are not already familiar with the subway in Rio de Janeiro, there are two lines. The red line that departures from Ipanema, in General Osorio Station to Uruguai station in Tijuca neighborhood, and the green line which departures from Botafogo station, in Botafogo neighborhood to Pavuna station, in the suburbs of Rio .
  • To reach Maracanã stadium, if you are in Ipanema or Copacabana, you have to take the subway in any of the stations in Zona Sul , South Zone, (General Osorio, in Ipanema, or Cantagalo, Siqueira Campos, or Cardeal Arco Verde in Copacabana) and drop the train in Botafogo station, where you will be able to catch the green line subway that goes to Maracanã.
  • When dropping the subway at Botafogo Station just wait for the next train from the Green Line, Botafogo-Pavuna, at the same platform.
  • If the Botafogo Station is too packed with Football fans, another option is continue on the red line subway, drop the train at São Francisco Xavier station or Afonso Pena Station (two stations of the red line that are quite close to Maracanã  station) and take a taxi, asking the driver to drop you as close as possible to the stadium.
  • When talking about security, Maracanã area is quite safe in the game days. You can take your camera and your cellphone to take photos safely when inside the police blockage, but keep your game tickets hidden and just show it when asked for policemen until you reach the final ticket checking point.
  • Arrive the earlier you can to avoid the lines to get into the stadium.
  • As soon as arriving inside the stadium I recommend buying your food and snacks because some of the snack bars of the stadium runned out of food. Although on Spain vs. Chile game one of the snack bars runned out of hot sandwiches they had refilled their stocks before the middle of the game.
  • The snack bars only accepts money or Visa.  Take plenty of cash with you, things are quite expensive there. Water – R$ 6, Hot Dog – R$ 10, Pop Corn – R$ 10
  • There are many volunteers able to provide information about how reaching your gate or your seats inside the stadium.

Well, I think those are the most important tips I have to share by now.

For those who are attending Belgica vs. Russia tomorrow, have a wonderful time!!!! Enjoy Brazil World Cup!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!




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