Adios Spain!

When we got tickets to watch Spain vs. Chile I got happy for having the opportunity of watching the champion team of the last World Cup playing against Chile, and of course for seeing those good-looking Spanish players with my own eyes (I hope my husband don’t read this… : )!)

But the experience we had watching Spain vs Chile at Maracanã stadium last Wednesday, June 18th, was much more than that.

We decided to support Chile national team for two reasons, first because as south Americans we wanted to support our neighbor countries and second because we sympathize very much with Chileans. They are a very friendly people and we keep good memories of how they were kind with us when we visited Chile for our honeymoon.

So, my husband bought a Chile national flag and we painted our faces with the colors of Chile, red, blue and white and went to the stadium to join the Chile’s party.

When the game began the atmosphere was electric!! Chile fans burst into songs! We got completely involved and joined them chanting  CHI CHI CHI, LE LE LE,VIVA CHILE!

Although Chile fans were majority at Maracanã, many Spanish fans were also there supporting their national team. They responded back Chile chants, singing “Somos campeones del mondo” ( We are World Champions).

But that day, Chile fans were reinforced by brazilians in the stadium. We joined their chants and when Chile started to dominate the game, we started chanting OLE, and  a popular brazilian chant to provoke Spain. “ELIMINADO” ( which means, eliminated).

We had a wonderful time!!!!! This World Cup is really an awesome experience.  We could never imagine that Spain would be disqualified on the second game of the World Cup.

Anxious for the next game !!!! Next game report: Equador vs France. Stay tuned!!

IMG_9533 IMG_9535 IMG_9538 IMG_9542 IMG_9557 IMG_9567 IMG_9569 IMG_9574 IMG_9575 IMG_9565 IMG_9594


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