World Cup moments

I haven’t been too much connected in the past weeks, and that’s because  here, at my home,  we are not only enjoying the World Cup, we have been breathing World Cup!!!

Since World Cup begin we are all of us (my husband, my son and myself) on vacation. My husband got work vacation and my son is on his school holidays, so we could enjoy together the advantages of having a World Cup happening on our home country.

There is so much happening I would like to share with you guys in those past days, but as we’re living this World Cup marathon, following the games on TV and watching some of them on the stadiums I didn’t have too much free time to blog.

But I will try to summarize what we have been doing in the last week:

1. We were in Maracanã for France vs. Ecuador game.  We were supposed to support Ecuador team, as we are trying to support the south americans. My son even painted the colors of Ecuador on his face, but  when we found out that our seats were in the middle of the Les Bleus, and that near our seats there were a family with two cute boys supporting France and singing very lively “Allez Les Bleus”, my son asked me to erase Ecuador colors from his face and paint the colors of France on his cheeks. Although the game ended 0x0 and there wasn’t too many exciting moments we had a lot of fun. It is being a very rich experience to see different people supporting their national teams.

DSCN8346 DSCN8344 IMG_9767 IMG_9756 IMG_9785
DSCN8357 DSCN8372


2. On thursday we took a flight to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais to watch Brazil vs. Chile at Mineirão Stadium. IMG_9840 IMG_9837 IMG_9863 IMG_9865But before the game, on friday we had the oportunity of visiting Inhotim, an open air contemporary art museum, where you can breath pure air and enjoy nature and art at the same location. Later I will publish a dedicated post to it.

3. And on saturday, we headed to Mineirão to watch the dramatic Brazil’s classification for the Quarters Finals.IMG_0067 IMG_0078


If you wanna be updated with my experiences on the last days of World Cup, follow My Little Rio Journal on instagram.




  1. Hi,
    nice blog to read about world cup through the eyes of Rio/ Brazilian.
    I am surprised to know about Brazilian’s passion about football. God bless your country.
    Waiting for new updates.

    Ashish, India

    1. Thank you very much Ashish!!! I’ve been seeing many people from your country here in Rio for the World Cup!!! Thanks for the good comments and the wishes! Your country is also a beautiful country and I have always wanted to visit it. Maybe some day I can make it! Cristina

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