Brazilian football tragedy


Mineirão Stadium, before Brazil vs Chile Match

Mineirão Stadium, before Brazil vs Chile Match

I am still trying to recover from the shock and shame of yesterday Brazil’s defeat by Germany. We all knew we would have a hard time to win Germany. Everyone knew they have a much better team than ours, but what shocked us most was that we didn’t react at all. Our national team didn’t fight at all! And that we couldn’t accept! Watching all those Brazilians in the stadium crying in the first half of the game was too much depressing.

We, brazilian people, just can’t understand what happened and I believe that even Brazil’s national team players can’t understand either. Anyway, explanations right now are just useless.

I just hope that this historical match be a lesson to brazilian football authorities and make them understand that international football has changed. Having individual talents in a football team is not enough to win a World Cup. “Football is a team sport”, that’s what the football coach of my six-year-old boy always says to his school team.  And yesterday, it became very clear that we don’t have a good TEAM.

But yesterday nightmare can’t erase all the beautiful moments Brazil lived in this World Cup. Experiencing a World Cup in our own country is an emotion we will never forget. There are still two games left for the World Cup end,and on saturday Brazil plays again. It is time to raise our heads and face our mistakes. Life goes on!







  1. Oh gosh! We were left stunned and speechless after that game! Our hearts went out to Brazil, the players and fans. It was heartbreaking to see so many tears after only half an hour of play. You raised a great point about teams relying on one or two key players! Football is very much a team sport. The entire World Cup was full of memories both good and bad! It was an amazing tournament and we are so appreciative to have experienced it 🙂 Brazil is a country we want to return to!

  2. Não há explicação para aquele “jogo”. Está certo que este time não é o melhor que já tivemos em termos de seleção brasileira, mas mesmo assim, nada justifica aquilo. Parecia que os jogadores estavam “encantados”, paralisados, um cenário realmente inexplicável. Como nunca adianta chorar o leite derramado, agora é “bola pra frente” e corrigir os erros para o futuro…

  3. Though Brazil team could not win WC, Brazil
    as a nation has won the hearts of football fans
    across the world.

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