Cloudy Rio

DSCN8302Winter in Rio is my favourite season to practice outdoor exercises. The sunny days and the cold winter breeze makes Rio the perfect location to practice sports. Even when the cold front arrives, and the sky gets cloudy and the weather decreases a little bit, many cariocas go to the beaches to practice sports and exercise.

I took this photo some days before the World Cup began. A beach volley ball team was preparing themselves to start their trainning. Those balls on the sand just caught my attention and I had to take a photo!

It was a cloudy day and me and my son went to the beach to play beach soccer. For my son, playing soccer on the sand is just fun, but for me is such a workout, as he is always kicking the ball so strong that I have to run a lot to catch it ! For someone like me that is always fighting the extra kilos it is a great exercise, mixed with great fun time with my boy. Much better than going to the gym club! Unfortunately we haven’t gone to the beach for this fun exercise too much lately! I’m trying to recover from a terrible flu for two weeks now. I hope by this next weekend  I will be feeling better and we will be able to go back to our exercise sessions!



  1. Hi Cristina, how are you?
    I live in Copacabana …
    Like this typical winter scene.
    Forgive me for my English is not very good.

      1. Que legal, fico a vontade pra falar em português. Na verdade iniciei o blog em inglês sem dominar o idioma, e acabei dando continuidade. Queria ganhar visibilidade em outros países e por isso fiz dessa forma. Também sou aficionado por fotografia, e gostei do seu blog também.
        Um abraço

  2. Amei esse post! Tudo que adoro: inverno, praia, atividades ao ar livre, clima equilibrado (sem extremos de frio ou de calor), criança se divertindo… PS: Melhora logo desse resfriado porque o findi tá chegando… e tem muuuiiita criança pra tomar conta! bj, TH

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