Rua do Rosario

Rua do Mercado

Rua do Rosário, Centro, Rio de Janeiro

Most people associate Rio with sunny days and beautiful beaches. But this august, winter decided to be WINTER, and we are having many cloudy and cold days around here. Well, for us cariocas, 18°C is considered cold! ; )

So what to do in a cloudy and boring monday like today! My suggestion is to explore a little bit one of the most photogenic areas in Centro da Cidade, the city centre of Rio de Janeiro, the corner of Rua do Rosário and Rua do Mercado.

This place is located just behind Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), one of my favourite cultural centers in Rio and it is the perfect place to enjoy a little bit of the historical architecture of the area.

Although being quite close to Avenida Primeira de Março (where CCBB is located), a very busy and noisy street in the area, in this spot you can feel a little bit of the tranquility of the old times. Exploring this neighborhood you feel like you had travel in time.

After a leisure walk around the area you can stop by at any of the charming and small restaurants you will find on your way or just take the opportunity and visit CCBB.

Just a quick tip:  prefer exploring this area during daylight, for safety reasons.

Have a nice week!




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