One year of “Lixo Zero”, the campaign to keep Rio streets clean

Lixo Zero team, a municipal guard and the

Lixo Zero team patroling Copacabana beach

This week the “Lixo Zero” campaign in Rio de Janeiro celebrates one year. For those who are not familiar with that, let me explain a little bit. A year ago, Rio de Janeiro’s major, started a campaign in order to ridding the city of trash. The Lixo Zero campaign is based on a municipal law and gives city employees and police enlisted in the initiative the power to levy fines against people who litter. The fines for those who are caught throwing garbage on the streets can be pretty high, varying from R$ 157 to R$3000, depending on the size of the trash.

Applying fines was the way Rio’s Major found to try to make people aware of the importance of discarding garbage on the right place and keeping the city cleaner. The fines are applied by teams, formed by street cleaners, municipal guards and military police officers.

So, if you are planning to visit Rio, be aware that even throwing a cigarette but on the streets can  result in an expensive charge for you!

Let’s collaborate to keep Rio clean!







  1. Concordo plenamente com essa ação da prefeitura, já era hora de educar o povo carioca, que tem o péssimo hábito de jogar lixo nas ruas.

  2. My husband almost got in trouble. He didn’t know about this new policy. It is a good thing for Rio, but the authorities should concentrate in finding a solution for the violence before anything else. Xoxo

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