Rio Half Marathon, Meia Maratona do Rio

IMG_1197 IMG_1195 IMG_1202In Rio, it seems that everyone has an inclination for sports. Yesterday, besides the “Rei e Rainha do Mar” swimming race, another huge sports event took place in Rio de Janeiro’s south zone, the Rio Half Marathon, “Meia Maratona do Rio”.

Amateurs and professional athletes, of all ages, joined the 21 k race, in this sunny and beautiful sunday.

Watching all those people running yesterday inspired me to go back to my running training routine.  After not exercising at all for almost two months, for different reasons, and after gaining 3 extra kilos, I will have a lot of work to make up for the lost time.

Have a nice week everyone!




  1. Este fim de semana foi cheio de eventos esportivos aqui… Mas 21k é muito para mim… fico nos 5k e já tô feliz!!!

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