Last week summary


Pedra da Gávea, seen from the car window while riding Lagoa-Barra highway

Since my father passed, two months ago, I’ve been really very busy with different things. Spending more time with my mother to keep her busy and doesn’t feel so much his lost, which I don’t think it is really possible. And then there was the visit of my sister and her family from New York, when I spent 15 days spending the most time I could with them, taking them out, taking care of my nephews which I miss so much, as we usually see each other once in a year. Family business which are demanding a lot from myself lately, and obviously all the regular routine of  my “full-time-mommy” life.  Well, all of these explain a little why I’m not updating the blog so much as I would like to. And maybe explains also why I’m feeling so tired and stressed the last days. Or maybe it is just my “astral hell” (those 30 days or so before one’s birthday).

Anyway, I’m feeling so tired lately that last week I decided I deserved some time for myself. So on Wednesday I just headed to the beach with a good book and my canga, and for one hour and a half my I rested my mind a little bit.  Just me and a book, looking to the sea between one chapter and another, and I felt a little better.

The next day, I paid a visit to ArtRio, one of the biggest art fair of Latin America, hosted in Pier Maua, which happens every year in September. Even not being an art expert, I like visiting this art fair to have the opportunity of seeing pieces of the great masters like Dalí, Picasso, for example, and also works of art from new artists. ArtRio is a success and has the participation of Art galleries from places like Barcelona, New York, London, Paris and São Paulo,  just to mention some of them.

On Saturday, we ended the week with a trip to Barra da Tijuca beach to enjoy the beautiful sunny day, when I took the picture above from the car window, while my husband drove.

Tomorrow,it is my birthday!  For me each birthday it is like the end of a cycle and beginning of another one. Energies are renewed and another phase begin! Hoping for good things to happen on my way!

Have a nice week everyone!



  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday for tomorrow Cristina!! May your be blessed with a wonderful day, relaxed and spoilt by your loved ones! Sounds like you have spent lots of family time lately – and reading your post has made us miss our family that little bit more 🙂 Enjoy tomorrow!

  2. Bon Dia!! I want to said Feliz Aniversario Para Voce! ( sorry my Portuguese ). I hope you a wonderful and bless day. Take care. 🎂🍸🎉🎉🎉 Carmen.

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