Turning forty!


Yesterday was my birthday! I turned forty years old! I can’t believe how life goes so fast.I remember when I was a kid and I thought that everyone who was 40 years old were old!

Now I think different!  I see many forties looking so great that I really don’t care about reaching this age! To be sincere, getting old is something that doesn’t scare me, although I know I may change my mind when I start to feel the weight of an advanced age, but there is still a long way until I reach that moment in life.

Anyway, age is a state of mind, and besides the grey hair that now is  making me visit the Hairdressers more frequently to get the hair colored and a backache that is disturbing me lately, I feel myself very young!

I always loved to celebrate my birthday and in the last year I had planned so many things for my 40th birthday ! A birthday party was one of the items of my last year’s bucket list. The party was already arranged in a nice bar in Rio, I had hired a DJ to guarantee good and lively music, so that me and my friends could dance and have fun all night long. But unfortunately unexpected happenings made me change plans. The lost of my father, two months ago, made a celebration like that doesn’t make sense anymore. So I just cancelled everything and decided to have a very intimate and quiet celebration just with my husband and son.

My day began early in the morning, with a nice surprise! My husband and son woke me up singing Happy Birthday and holding this beautiful red roses bouquet. But it was a busy day. My mother and I had a business appointment that lasted almost all the afternoon and I couldn’t enjoy my birthday the way I would like to. At least, I spent the whole afternoon with my mom and after our appointment we did our private celebration in a small cafe close to my apartment, having a cup of cappuccino and a piece of cake.

In the evening, a couple of nice friends came to visit me and I prepared a quick dinner for us. We chatted, toasted with wine and sang happy birthday.  It was a lovely night!



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