A little bit of my visit to ArtRio 2014 Fair

Ten days ago I paid a visit to ArtRio, the 4th edition of one of the biggest art fairs in Latin America, hosted in Pier Mauá, Rio de Janeiro.

ArtRio Fair happens once a year, every september, usually some days before my birthday, which is to say, on the first half of september, and it is always hosted in Pier Mauá. Pier Mauá is the place where the cruise ships land in Rio.

The neighborhood around Pier Maua is being renovated by “Prefeitura do Rio” (Rio de Janeiro City Hall), who is leading a project, called Porto Maravilha Operation, to turn the area, once a degraded neighborhood, into a cultural and touristic spot.

Very close to Pier Maua entrance there is MAR (Museum of Art of Rio), which I’ve been planning to visit for a while but didn’t have the opportunity yet.

But talking about ArtRio… I don’t miss this fair since its first edition in 2010. As I’m not an art expert my visits are always guided by a curiosity instinct. What attracts me most in this art fair is that you can appreciate a Picasso, for example, just next to works of art of unknown and not famous artists.

In my opinion, Art is a good source for inspiration for photography, so, whenever I can,  I try to visit art exhibitions, like you can see here or here, and whenever I’m travelling I try to make time to visit art museums.

Another good thing about ArtRio is that visiting this fair you feel like you’re doing a quick tour to art galleries around the World. Galleries of cosmopolitan cities of the World like Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris, New York and São Paulo can be visited in ArtRio, and you won’t need to take an airplane for that.

This year I didn’t took my camera with me, my day began very early that day. I just didn’t want to carry my heavy Canon 60D all day long in my handbag. So I took all the photos above with my cellphone. Although it is not the same,it did the job to document the images that caught my attention!

I hope you like it!

Have a nice weekend everyone!





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