Tasting a little bit of Adventure in Rio

IMG_4005 IMG_1325 IMG_0688Well, adventure doesn’t fit too much my lifestyle nowadays, as being a full-time mom is my priority in the moment. But I still believe that I can add a little bit of adventure in my daily life.

I live in Rio, a city totally oriented for sports and adventure. Beaches, nature, mountains and parks all over the the city makes Rio the perfect location to practice all kind of sports.  Surfing, Body boarding, windsurf, kite surf, beach volley, footvolley, running, cycling, hang gliding, hiking, rock climbing,diving, and much more, just to list some of the sports you can easily practice in Rio, if you feel in the mood for that.

Maybe a little bit of adventure will be on my bucket list for 2015, but meanwhile I keep just following some Instagram profiles that gives me the extra dose of adventure in my life.

So, if you are planning to visit Rio and want to try a more extreme experience, check those profiles on Instagram to taste a little bit of the adventures Rio has to offer: @desbravandorio , @nattripecoturismo , @standuppaddlerj, @rioxtreme

Have a nice day!



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