Bed rest

The first time my doctor said I had to go under a medical procedure right away and that I would have to stay in bed for a couple of days to rest  I got a little scared.  Going to the hospital wasn’t on my plans at all for this november. Specially this time of the year, when everything seems to happen at the same time.

But when I realized it wasn’t really a big deal, and that it would be better for my health, I understood that the quicker I arranged the things the better.

Well, one week has already passed and everything gone very well. I’m still recovering but feeling great! I’m taking the opportunity of staying at home to catch up with all the reading I’ve been postponing for a while. My magazines, favourite blogs and some books are my best friends lately.IMG_1870 Have a nice weekend!



  1. Howdy (it means hi in Texas) ! I hope you feel well soon.
    Follow your doctor’s directions and you will be well soon. Take care.
    Hugs and kisses from Houston, Texas!

  2. Get better soon! Hope everything is ok. We are still playing catch ups on our blog reading so will have to trawl through yours for recent post to see what is going on!

    Take care and hope all will soon be well with you 🙂

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