Weekend nostalgia

Cópia de IMG_0026 Cópia de IMG_0027 Cópia de IMG_0028As going out is not an option for me lately, as explained here, I’m taking all the spare time I have to do things I was planning to do simple things, like organizing my photo folders in my computer. And this week, as me and my husband celebrated our 12th first-date anniversary, I felt in the mood of reviewing the pictures of a weekend trip we did to Saquarema, a beach town in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in our first year of marriage, in 2006.

Saquarema is located in Região dos Lagos (Lakes Region), around 102 km far from Rio de Janeiro city, a rustic town which offers few attractions besides the beaches with perfect conditions for surfing. In that time my husband used to surf on a regular basis and as we didn’t have our little boy yet, I used to go to the beach with him and spend the waiting time, while he surfed, taking pictures like these.

In that time I  used to have only a small point-and-shoot Canon camera, which although being compact made wonderful pictures and which I still miss it and makes me feel even more nostalgic about that time.

Got happy to see these sunset pictures again and just wanted to share with you!

Have a nice weekend everyone!




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