Life after 6pm


Copacabana beach at 7pm yesterday

The heat outside is keeping me at home more than I would like to those last days. But the temperatures are frequently around 40°Celsius and all I want to do is stay inside cooling down in the air conditioner.

Whenever is possible I wait until 6pm, when the sun is starting to go down, to do the things I have to do outdoors. The only problem is that I’m having to be super creative to keep my little boy entertained inside during the day. We are still enjoying summer school holidays!  The day is filled playing lots of board games and video games. Unfortunately this is not enough to spend his energy and once in a while I have to take him out to the club or for a late swim in the beach like we did yesterday.

We had an earlier dinner and went to the beach to cool down a little in the sea.

I was surprised to see how many people there was in the beach for a Tuesday night (yes we arrived at the beach at 7pm). It seems everyone had the same idea as me. But anyway it was not so crowded and we had an hour of beach fun swimming and playing in the sea.

We left the beach at almost 8 pm and there was still a lot of people on the sand and in the sea paddle boarding or just swimming.

It seems that this summer going to the beach during the day is not an option for us!

See you soon!




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  1. And here, the cold is keeping us inside too! I can’t imagine when it is so hot you don’t want to do anything! It was a great idea to go to the beach after sunset! Keep yourself and my little nephew cool! Miss you Guys! xoxo

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