It is quite a cliché, but saying that a kid can teach a lot to their parents is totally truth.

I’m not only talking about unconditional love or putting someone else’s  priorities in the first place, but after 6 years being a mother  I learned so much more.

It is all about experiencing new things, and doing things you probably wouldn’t if you were not a parent. Besides other more deep feelings, my little son know is teaching me to play chess.Yes, the game board, chess!!

He started playing chess in the computer and got interested in playing the real game.  I’ve never learned to play chess when I was a kid, in my house nobody played chess at that time. I have always thought it was too difficult and really never tried. But my husband knows how to play it, he learned in his childhood and recently started to teach my boy the basic rules.

Now, after a while playing against the computer and playing with his father, my little son is already able to teach me the little he had already learned. As we’re staying a lot at home, due to the heat outside, we’ve been practicing together a lot those last days.

After loosing every game to my little teacher, yesterday I finally could trap his king! My first checkmate!!! I felt proud for myself, but also for my little son, if it wasn’t him I would probably never learn it!



  1. Happy New Year Cris to you and your family. Feels like ages since we visited your blog! What an adorable little boy you have … good luck with playing chess with him, he sounds like quite the mastermind already at it! 🙂

    1. Hi Guys!!! Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful 2015 too! I can say the same about visiting your blog… so sorry for that, although I’ve been staying home a lot, a lot of home tasks are keeping me busy, just taking the chance of being inside to organize our home for the year we have ahead. Anxious to know about your next trips. You’re right , my boy takes it very seriously and it is not easy for me to beat him in chess. : )

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