Biscoito Globo

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It became already a tradition! Everytime I go to the beach with my family we have to eat Biscoito Globo. Each package has the perfect amount for a quick snack in the beach.

It is safe (almost no chance of being spoiled), light (you won’t feel full after eating the whole package) and although I can’t say any longer that it is cheap (R$4,00 for a package of a snack made of “polvilho”( a kind of manioc flour), water, milk and vegetable oil is definitely not cheap), it is quite affordable!

Although you will probably find different kinds of “biscoito de polvilho” (polvilho snack) all over Brazil, you will only find Biscoito Globo in Rio de Janeiro. And the reason of that is that the Biscoito Globo company decided to sell it only in Rio de Janeiro.

It is been such a success since 1954, that the company don’t spend a single pennie in advertising, it is just not necessary!

Biscoito Globo is produced only in its single factory in downtown Rio, which works from Sunday to Sunday and where the street and beach vendors can buy Biscoito Globo to sell in the streets by traffic lights or in Rio beaches.

The color of the package identifies the flavour, red for the sweet and green for the salty !

If you wanna try, prefer buying from the uniformed Mate Leão beach vendors dressing orange in the beaches, who sells Globo and Mate Leão (an ice tea, made of “mate” herb). By the way, it is a perfect combination for a quick bite at the beach!


An uniformed Matte Leão Beach Vendor, selling BiscoitoGobo


  1. Gosto do salgado… A gente come e não consegue parar até acabar… E você sabe que é um mega negócio revender biscoito Globo? O lucro é enorme porque na fábrica custa menos de 1 real, comprando a embalagem com 25 pacotes (esse saco grande que os vendedores carregam).

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