Carnival Season

Avenida Vieira Souto, Ipanema, decorated for Carnival in 2014

In two weeks we will have Carnival in Brazil! Five days of joy , samba, jokes and holidays!

As being a profane festival not everyone in Brazil really join the party but almost everyone enjoy the five days of holidays to travel, rest or just to enjoy carnival festivities!

Carnival has always been present in my life since I was a little kid! My father loved samba and from the beginning of january until the end of Carnival, we kept listening to the Samba’s School LP records to learn the sambas-enredo of that year.

When I was a kid, and later a teenager, there wasn’t too much street carnival in Rio de Janeiro. There were only few traditional “blocos” (the street parades)that took place throughout the streets of “Zona Sul” like Banda de Ipanema and some others in the streets of downtown like Cordão do Bola Preta.

In that time, if you wanted to see carnival you would have to go to Sambódromo to watch the Samba’s School Parade or go to some of the few Carnival Balls held in the clubs, but unfortunately, many of those weren’t family friendly. Once in a while my parents took me and my sister to a Children’s Carnival Ball, a mattinee, and so we dressed our carnival costumes and enjoyed carnival party.

Years later, when I was already in my twenties, and going to mattinees weren’t an option anymore, I always left Rio during Carnival time. There was really nothing to do here if you’re not planning to go to “Sambodromo”. So I used to take the five days holidays to travel somewhere else to rest or to visit a new place.

In the last six years, Rio Street Carnival came back and started to grow again. The number of  street “blocos”, where anyone can enjoy carnival for free, increased considerably and this year there will be 455 blocos in the streets of Rio.

Unfortunately in the same last six years I have been a lot busy with motherhood duties and haven’t experienced the street carnival we have nowadays, and for this reason I don’t have any personal tips to enjoy Rio carnival in the “blocos”. But trying to fulfill this lack of personal experiences, I ‘ve been doing some research with some friends experts in Rio’s street carnival and in a few days I will be sharing with you some helpful information to enjoy the best of Rio street carnival. Stay tuned!!



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