Asking for an expert about Rio Street Carnival

As I told you before, when talking about Carnival, Rio street carnival is really not my field! So I invited my dear friend Tatá Troiano, an event promoter for Pimentaz Produções, and a carnival expert : ) to share with us some smart tips of how enjoying the most of Rio Street Carnival, the “blocos de carnaval”!

She gently answered my questions based in her personal experience of jumping in Rio Blocos that I share with you bellow.

Tatá , my friend and her boyfriend, enjoying Rio street Carnival in 2014
Tatá , my friend, and her boyfriend wearing their carnival costumes inspired in the movie “Cast Away”, in Carnival 2014

1-How long have you been spending Carnival in Rio’s “blocos de carnaval” ? For the last 5 years.

2-Do you ever wear carnival costumes to go to the “blocos”? How do you usually dress to join the street party?  I always play a character when I jump in a bloco, that’s one of the most exciting part of Carnival! The kind of costumes I dress, depends on the “Bloco” I’m going to. There are some blocos that people takes costuming really serious, and that I dress up completely but in some others I just improvise with some carnival acessories, like a mask or a piece of colorful clothing.

3-Which are the best “blocos” to enjoy the street carnival, in your opinion? Definitely the ones that begins in the early morning and that are not so popular among the public in general.  My favourites are Céu na Terra (Santa Teresa), GB Bloco (family friendly “bloco” in Laranjeiras), Me beija que eu sou cineasta (Gávea) and Fogo e Paixão (Centro).

4- Which ones are the worst? The ones that are a waste of time? Well, in my opinion the most popular ones are kind of a waste of time. The more popular the bloco is, the more crowded it would be, which can be very annoying. Cordão do Bola Preta, Banda de Ipanema, Cordão do Boitatá, Monobloco are some of them.

5-How many days do you join the blocos during carnival? Usually I go three days during carnival, but I also like to go to those pre-carnival blocos, the ones that happens before the official carnival.

6-How do you prepare yourself for the carnival marathon? Any special tip ? Keep in mind that carnival is held in the peak of summer, so the heat in a bloco can be really bad. So I drink a lot of water! Drinking water is very important not to dehydrate. A nice idea is to carry with you a bottle of water if possible. I also wear light and confortable clothes. No high heels! Shorts and sneakers are the perfect combination. It is more important to feel yourself confortable than being fancy! I don’t leave home without putting sunblock all over the body and having a nice meal before. I always try to carry with me a fruit or cereal bar in case I get hungry and I can’t find  anything to eat!

7-How do you recharge your batteries when arriving home after spending the whole day dancing in the blocos? Nothing better than a cold shower and put my feet up!

8-If you would give an advice for a first-timer in Rio street carnival, what would you say? Have always company close to you, do not drink too much alcohol and don’t go to the blocos by car.

9- How do you usually get around to arrive in the blocos? By subway, taxi or walking.

10- How men usually behave to single women in the blocos? There are always the flirtatious ones acting inconvenient behaviour, but most of the guys are there for the fun. For those with inconvenient attitude , keep them at arm’s lenght and walk the other way (laughs), but always with a smile on your face, after all it is carnival and kindness generates kindness. ; )

11- What do you carry with you when going to a bloco? The basic, just money and cellphone, hidden in the pockets.

 12- Have you ever been in a bad situation while playing in a bloco? No, never!! Rio Street Carnival is all about fun, get in the mood and you will have a great time!



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