Happy Birthday Rio!

2013-03-12 10.11.02

Cristo Redentor, behind the trees

2013-03-13 13.39.25

Praia Vermelha and Sugar Loaf, near the spot the city was founded


Pedra da Gávea

Ponte Rio-Niterói (Rio-Niterói Bridge)

Ponte Rio-Niterói (Rio-Niterói Bridge)


São Conrado

Tomorrow, March 1st, Rio de Janeiro celebrates 450 years of foundation. In March 1st, 1565, Estácio de Sá, a portuguese soldier, founded Rio de Janeiro city, once called São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro, in the area located between Sugarloaf Mountain and the Cara de Cão mountain, in the district that is today known as Urca.

To celebrate this important date, Rio 450, a commission responsible for all the 450 years celebration events, organized a huge celebration calendar . Different festivities including arts, culture, sports and music events will be held throughout the city along all the year 2015.

As a carioca, I just wish that Rio becomes a peaceful city, that the Government develop and implement effective politics to provide Rio citizens the safety and dignitiy all of us deserves, regardless its social condition or if it lives in wealthy or poor regions.



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