Copacabana by night

Last night, after celebrating my husband birthday in our favourite Pizzeria, we decided to go back home walking by “calçadão de Copacabana” (Copacabana beach sidewalk). It is funny because, as we were not respecting the “calçadão” dress code, which would be shorts and havaianas or workout outfit, some of the street vendors thought we were tourists and kept offering us souveniers.

The weather is finally starting to become a little more pleasant and it was a perfect night to walk and observe all the people exercising by the beach.Night view of Forte de Copacabana, from Posto 6



  1. I love these later summer nights at the beach too, when it is pleasently warm and the summer tourists have already gone (well, at least here in Santos, I don’t know if Rio slows down too after carnival).

  2. Deve ser lindo, adorava um dia ir. 🙂 Tambem gosto muito de passear na praia a noite.
    Parabens ao seu marido e tudo de bom para voces.
    abraco de Toronto 🙂

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