A little update


It seems forever since my last post, but I’ve been in a kind of lack of inspiration to blog! Not going out too much, and not doing lately what usually inspires me most, which is going out to photograph.

In fact I’ m avoiding going out with my big camera, I’ m just not feeling safe for that. Cases of street robberies has increased lately, and I really don’t want to take chances with my DSLR.  Maybe I should do an insurance for it!

Meanwhile I’m just keeping myself busy with ordinary home life, like taking care of my family, organizing home, reading books, and so.

Hoping to share with you interesting posts soon!!!



  1. Hello, how are you? Please do not think that
    I am not checking your blog. You know how living in this country is like and trying to deal with daily life. Sometimes it can be very stressful. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! It makes
    me feel like I’m in Rio…. I wish I was. Over here the bank, gas stations, home invention, car jacking, is a daily happening. The traffic is bad too. But we have to keep going and have fun (while being safe). XOXO

  2. Cris, aqui vai uma “inspiração” para seu blog: Biblioteca Parque Estadual, na Av. Pres. Vargas. Dá para ir de metrô (estação Central). Foi reformada há pouco tempo e ainda não fui lá após esta reforma, mas já tive várias informações de que está excelente! Até acho que não deve ir com sua câmera, mas vale conhecer e registrar aqui! bj

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