March on Instagram

Looking at my March instagram photos I realize that the weather is becoming quite grey around here. This means much more pleasant temperatures and a little bit of rain, but nothing that can bother too much. If you are planning a visit to Rio, keep in mind that this is one of the best seasons to come. Even if the day begins grey, it doesn’t mean it going to end grey. Fall in Rio has it charms and you can still enjoy the beaches and all the natural attractions. By the way, beaches are going to be less crowded and you also tend to get better hotel rates as we are in low season. Due to the economic crisis  Brazil lives, the devaluation of Real (brazilian currency) might be another reason to consider a visit to Rio, as things in general tend to be cheaper, specially if you’re native currency is US Dollars.



  1. Já vi que em março teve rolé… Muito bom lá! Tem várias coisas gostosas… Esteve pertinho da minha casa! bj, TH

  2. O tempo pode estar assim mais nublado mas de certeza que nao esta frio. 🙂 As fotos sao lindas, nao sabia que estavas no instagram. Se quizeres vem ver o meu , eu vou espreitar o teu.
    abraco de Toronto e feliz Pascoa, tudo de bom para ti e para os teus.

  3. Hi! I’m coming to Rio in June, as I think I already mentioned to you some time ago… What kind of area would you recommend living in, for an Airbnb? And which are the places that one should not miss? I’ve seen a fantastic place called Largo de Botecaro, are there any other examples of colonial architecture around?

    Sorry for flooding you with questions!


    1. Hi Fabrizio! Check the neighborhoods of Botafogo, Largo do Machado, Catete and Gloria, from there you will be able to get around by subway to the main touristic attractions, and spend less than you would staying in Copacabana, Ipanema or Leblon. Largo de Boticario is beautiful, but I wouldn’t stay there, not very easy to get around. You can go there while your visit. You will also find colonial architecture in Centro do Rio (downtown Rio). Don’t worry about the questions!!! 🙂 I hope I helped! : ) Cristina

      1. Obrigado, Cristina! I also heard that there’s a bit of rainforest in the Jardim Botanico, is this right? And I seem to remember a video from Michael Palin in which he was going about some very picturesque borough with long stairways covered in brightly coloured majolicas, is it something you can find throughout Rio or is it particular of a certain area?

        Thanks again!

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