After a break

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After staying offline for a whole month, I’m back to the blogging business.  I needed to take a breath and think a little bit if I was keeping the blog or not. After my last post, I think it got clear for everyone who reads my blog how I have been feeling a lack of enthusiasm and motivation to keep writing about Rio after all the violent events we have been  facing lately.

If once I was proud to share with you how beautiful things Rio has to offer, now my “carioca” self-esteem is quite low at the moment and I started to feel that writing about this city was something that I just couldn’t do it anylonger.

The idea of quiting this blog started to come over my mind. Stop blogging on My Little Rio Journal started to seem the right thing to do as I felt unable to do what I most like doing in the streets of Rio, which is taking photos. I don’t feel confident to go out with my camera and capturing with my camera what I see with my eyes.  I started to consider that maybe this blog wasn’t making sense anylonger to myself.  At the same time, new personal projects started to demand me more time and blogging was always on my last priority.

But, meanwhile I was living this existential blogger crisis,  I kept receiving emails from many followers giving me support to keep blogging and to have hope in a better Rio. People from different parts of the world kept asking me tips and some advice about Rio and I started to evaluate how many good opportunities this blog brought to me.

Being interviewed by BBC UK during the World Cup, meeting personally the great travel blogger Annie from Annie Anywhere, sharing my articles with different audiences as guest blogger in travel blogs and travel sites, meeting virtually so many incredible people that I can’t even mention all of them  and having the feeling of sharing useful information with anyone interested in coming to Rio were just some of the awesome experiences I lived only because of the blog. Quiting this blog would mean closing a door to the World!!

So, after a lot of thinking I decided to keep My Little Rio Journal!!! Althought my tone may change a little bit from now on, becoming less optimistic thant once I was, I will try to keep sharing My Little Rio with you!!!

Maybe I won’t be blogging so frequently as once I had done, but I will be here to share with you the way I see Rio.

By the way, thanks everyone for taking your time to read this blog, comment my posts and send me emails !!! You are definitely the reason why I decided keep blogging!!!

Hoping to share good news from Rio soon !!!!





  1. Glad you decided to keep at it, its important to document the good and the bad, life has ups and downs, thats what makes it interesting. Looking forward to more Rio posts. They make me remember my great time there.

  2. É isso mesmo, Cris! “Sou brasileiro e não desisto nunca!” Falando sério: não podemos nos curvar diante desses problemas… a violência atual realmente está monstro, mas precisamos nos manter de pé… As boas coisas não podem se extinguir porque há coisas ruins acontecendo; desta forma, estas prevaleceriam cada vez mais… Que bom que está continuando com o blog! Bj, querida!

  3. Ainda bem que vai continuar com o blog. 🙂 E bom tambem sabermos o lado menos positivo da cidade. Deve ser mesmo uma cidade linda, maravilhosa mas sou sincera sempre tive receio em visitar. 😦 espero um dia quando os meus filhos estiverem um pouquinho maiores possamos ir.
    beijinho grande

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