Happy Anniversary My Little Rio!!!

IMG_2387 (1)

I can’t believe, exactly two years ago I was starting this blog (check here). In that time I didn’t know very well where this blog would take me, I just wanted to practice my english, share my photos and show a little bit of the Rio I live in!

Two years later, after almost quitting this blog this last month, I realised how important this blog is to myself. My Little Rio Journal is my little space where I can share my thoughts and express myself, not the Cristina Mom, not the Cristina wife, nor the Cristina daughter, but just the Cristina.

In this two years I just have to thank everyone for contributing with this blog in a way or another, with photos, guest posts, comments ,likes and inspiration!

If it weren’t you, there wasn’t a point to keep blogging!!! Thank you all !!

Hoping to be sharing with you great posts and beautiful photography in this next year of My Little Rio Journal!!! : )






  1. Congratulations!!!!!! I love love love your blog! I’m so glad I found it. Through your blog, I can see what’s happening in Rio. It’s always good to know that’s going on over there, the good or the bad. Stay strong!

    Ps: Howdy from Houston, Texas!

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