Still time to talk about “Festas Juninas” RioRio

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We’re already in July, but it is still time to talk about “Festas Juninas” (June Parties or June Festivals), a traditional festival held originally in the month of June all over Brazil, and now that keeps going on through the beginning of August.

Somewhere in the past of this blog, I wrote a post about “Festas Juninas” and how much I love them, I dare to say they are my favourite popular brazilian party! But with so many Festas Juninas or “Arraiás” (a local way to call them) happening this weekend and with so many others already planned for all the July weekends, I feel more than tempted to mention this brazilian tradition once more.

Do you know those typical country fairs or carnivals that take place in North America? In a way, they remind me a little bit of our  “Festas Juninas”. Traditionally, the Festas Juninas happens in the month of June and in this kind of festival you will find plenty of tents selling regional food, tents of games (like fishing game or big mouth toss games) and people dancing “quadrilha”, something similar to a square dance.

But nowadays the “Festas Juninas” got a modern touch and now the parties hold  music concerts and food truck festivals, which are the new fever in Rio lately.

So here I share with you two festivals I would like to attend this weekend , but unfortunately I won’t be able to go, as I’ve been knocked out  by a terrible flu this weekend.

Arraiá do Planetário – Feira Planetária  – Well, this one is not really a “Festa Junina” but more like a gastronomy and foodtruck festival held in the gardens of “Planetário da Gávea” (Rio Planetarium)
Dates: July 4th and July 5Th, 2015
Hours: Saturday (12h to 23h) / Sunday (12h to 21h)
Planetário da Gávea -Rua Vice-Governador Rubens Berardo, 100 – Gávea
Free Admission

Festa Julina do Parque da Bola – Maracanã Stadium – Parque da Bola is a kind of soccer themed festival held in the Maracanã Stadium  Complex (entrance by Gate 4A). There you will enjoy music shows, cultural and sports activities and gastronomy.
Date: July 4th, 2015
Hours: 15h to 21h
Admission: R$ 30,00

So if anyone in Rio this weekend willing to experience some of brazilian traditional festival, those are my suggestions for this Saturday night. Enjoy yourselves!!!!


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