Chaotic Rio


When I started this blog I had the purpose of sharing the beauties of Rio with the World. After  years feeling bad about this city during my whole youth, it seemed that I was beginning to see Rio from a different point of view. Things regarding to public security wore doing fine, as the crime rates seemed to be falling down and I wanted to train my eyes to see beauty in my personal routine of a middle-class housewife living in Rio. But since the moment the World Cup ended, being positive about Rio has been a hard job.

This last weekend we saw another round of violent scenes in Rio. From Friday to Sunday, gangs of thieves brought fear to the main neighborhoods of “Zona Sul”. Cariocas and tourists who were enjoying the beautiful sunny day at Arpoador, Ipanema and Copacabana had the chance to see with their own eyes teenagers robbing smartphones, wallets, handbags and being violent with their victims. During this week international media published something about it, as you can check here  or here .

This is the city that will be hosting the Olympic Games in less than a year ! I’m very ashamed of that! I’m sorry but I really don’t feel comfortable to encourage people to come to Rio at this moment!! Although it would be even worse for Rio economy to start loosing the tourists, I have to follow my heart and be honest. Rio is not a safe city at this moment!! That’s it!!

Trying to stop this violence wave, Authorities said that Police tactics is going to change and that “Operação Verão” (Summer Operation), when police patrol is intensified for Summer,will be anticipated to start this next weekend. ( Although we are officially in spring time, the weather is already feeling like summer).

Let’s see how things gone come out, as the weather forecast promises hot temperatures and sunny days for this next weekend.

Hoping to share with you more positive posts with you soon!


  1. I have to understand the folks doing the daylight robberies, though. I, too, sat in Ipanema and looked at the Vidigal favela: they see the wealth before their very eyes and they know they won’t have many chances to move down there too. So it’s just a question of time before they take the matter into their own hands and help themselves…

    Anyhow, I’ve been in Rio and I loved it. I loved its people, your kindness and your sympathy, I wish you all the best with the Olympics!

  2. Sad to hear – v fond memories of visiting in 2006, and while you needed your wits about you I wouldn’t have thought it threatening, I’ve certainly been in worse (Kingston, Jamaica for example). I hope the Olympics help restore that positive World Cup feel and that it sustains beyond that too.

  3. Hello! Loved reading your blog! I’m off to Rio for 4 days next week and I was just wondering what the safety situation is like right now? Am I safe to walk around by myself? Are there some areas I should avoid? Thanks a lot in advance for your advice :))

    1. Hi Federica, the situation didn’t change too much, although in the south zone, in Copacabana and Ipanema neighborhoods the police patrolling has been intensified, but it doesn’t mean we are not in risk of being robbed. About walking around by yourself , I don’t know what are you planning to do while visiting Rio, but in general, in the touristic areas, you can walk by yourself, but just be aware that you have to be alert to be able to perceive any possible risk. It is not very relaxing, but it’s the way we do it here to try to avoid some situations. About what areas to avoid, I would avoid the Zona Sul beaches during the weekends, specially if it is sunny and hot weather, and also the Favelas. I hope this is helpful for you! Have a nice stay in Rio! : )

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