Hello everyone!!! Yes, I’m still alive!!! Regardless my last post was from two months ago, yes, there is still life in this blog!!! Or at least I’m trying to keep it breathing.
The reason for my long absence here is not only one. In fact I have different reasons, or different excuses if you prefer… Anyway, I can resume everything in only one word: inspiration less.
I could list a roll of reasons for my lack of inspiration: the deep economic crisis in Brazil, corruption sprouting in every level of politics and rooted in Brazilian society,  the rising of violence in Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities,  the terrible terrorism events in different parts of the world, the world refugee crisis, the huge environmental catastrophe caused by the mining company Samarco that happened in Bento Rodrigues, a district of Mariana in the state of Minas Gerais, killing thousands of living beings and affecting other hundreds of people directly or indirectly. All of those events could be a little bit responsible for my blackout for writing in this blog, but although each of those events had contributed a little bit to keep my mind far away from this blog, it was not all.
Daily routine is keeping me very busy. Besides all the regular activities of being a mother, wife and housewife, I’m just trying to build a new career for myself. Studying and planning is taking me a lot of time. So you might imagine how little spare time I have left to blog.
But I’m back!!! Soon I will share more with you! By now that’s all!!

Have a nice week everyone!!!!!


  1. Por vezes faz bem fazer uma pausa tambem. 🙂 E como mae compriendo perfeitamente nem sempre e facil dar tempo ao blog mas como e algo que gosto muito, ainda continuo.

    Keep in touch. 🙂
    Beijinho grande

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