My Little Rio Journal New Year


A new year began bringing new plans, projects and a new hope for 2016! After spending the whole year of 2015 reflecting about keeping or not keeping this blog, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to make 2016 a new year for My Little Rio Journal.

And nothing better to write down our goals, so that we can read them out loud everytime we feel insecure or in doubt about pursuing them.

So here I am, committing myself and with all of you who follow or just read my posts once in a while to continue using this space and doing my best to share with you truthful thoughts, inspirations and also some useful information about Rio.

So what you will find in My Little Rio Journal for this year?

Reinventing myself. A new look!  I really believe that making a little change and adding something new to our routine can help us change something inside. At least this works for myself. When I’m feeling blue or want to add an extra motivation to my life I just have a hair cut or buy a new paper notebook and I already feel more willing to start a new project or to do something I’m been postponing for some time. The same philosophy I’m applying to this blog. Soon you will see online a new blog theme for My Little Rio Journal!!

Stick to my original purpose!  Since I started this blog my posts style changed a little bit. It is natural, people change. My posts went from personal experiences to reflections about Rio de Janeiro problems, and as Rio goes through a serious crisis in all fields, I let this crisis affect my blog too. Now I just want to stick to my original idea, use this blog to keep improving my English writing and sharing my personal experiences in different aspects. I will keep sharing my opinion and being realistic about Rio! You will still find some tips about places to visit and how to survive in Rio but My Little Rio is not only about that!

Improve my Photography! Photographing is a hobby and a passion! Although going out with my DSLR camera and taking pictures with my smartphone in the streets of Rio is something that I am avoiding more and more to try to keep the robbers away from me, I still have my compact camera to photograph and train my eye to see and capture beauty around!

Build new connections!  One of the most things I like about blogging is to connect with different people from all over the world. But connecting with people demands time and last year I just didn’t make it work. But in 2016 I will dedicate more time for that and intend to use social media like Facebook, Instagram and my email to interact with more and more people. I’m still thinking about using Twitter, but I can’t promise that!  I think this might be a little too much for myself.

Keep My Little Rio Journal alive!!  Keeping this blog updated is one of my main goals for this year! Balancing my personal projects, my “job”as a mother and house wife and having the discipline to keep this blog updated and with relevant content is one of the great challenges for myself this  year!

So those are my 2016 rules for My Little Rio Journal! I will do my best to stick to them and share with you great and inspiring posts!

Thanks for staying with me!

Have a great week!






    1. Hi!!! I hope you have a great time in Rio! Keep in mind that we are in the high summer season, a lot of tourists everywhere,and also the thieves willing to catch off guard any distracted people . Enjoy your stay!!!

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