Rainy January

Except from the first days of the year, when the sun showed its face, this January has been quite grey and rainy.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all! Rain is more than welcome!! In the last two years (2014-2015) the southeast region of Brazil, where Rio is located, faced one of the worst droughts of the last 80 years. After spending last year saving water and being worried about the water reservoirs level, we just have to be thankful for all of this rain.

The temperatures have been incredibly low for this time of the year! We are in the middle of high summer season and the thermometers have been around 25 – 30 Celsius, or less. Believe it or not, today we got 21 Celsius, which for us cariocas is considered a winter temperature.

The only ones that might not be very happy with this unusual weather are the tourists. Rio is crowded with them.  Those who dreamed of spending days by the beach enjoying the sun might be a little disappointed as the weather doesn’t seem promising for the next days.

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