A place to breathe and relax in Rio, even during Carnival


It is not the first time I write about this place in this blog. I’ve already mentioned it here, here and here, and I’m going to talk about it again. Sorry if I’m being repetitive but I just can’t help saying good things about Pista Claudio Coutinho, in Praia Vermelha.

Last weekend, we had been there, my husband, my son and I. We had spent the whole January very busy working on a big family project, and thereby ended up spending many weekends at home. But I have to confess that we had been also hiding from the little thieves that have invaded Copacabana this summer. Yes, it sounds crazy, but I had been avoiding going out in Copacabana, my own neighborhood, especially in the side streets, where the special beach police patrolling doesn’t reach.

Sometimes I think I’m getting a little paranoid about it, but anyway, I just needed to breathe some fresh air and relax a little bit in some place where I didn’t have to look back every 5 minutes to check if someone suspicious was about to grab my cellphone or my camera. And talking about cameras, I just needed to go out to photograph. Not taking quick shots with my smartphone but really sparing some time just enjoying the scenery and capturing some beautiful moments with my big camera.

But our choice for Pista Claudio Coutinho was not only for safety reasons. This year I have a personal goal: spending more time outdoors enjoying nature. We go a lot to the beach but besides that we have such an urban life, and I really would like to teach my son how to enjoy the sounds of nature and how the small and simple nature things are relaxing and fun.

And then, we were there again! My favorite place in Rio, Pista Claudio Coutinho! There we felt the breeze of the sea, breathed the humid air and felt the earthy smell of the vegetation that surrounds Pão de Açucar Mountain! My son observed little ants carrying big leaves, run along the walking path, searched for spider nets, watched the big boats over Guanabara Bay and relaxed.  And as it was expected I took hundreds of photos! : )

It was more than pleasant and relaxing! Everything I needed to start another week!

Enjoy the photos and have a nice week!



  1. Beautiful post! We passed by Pista Claudio Coutinho on a tour of Guanabara Bay. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to spend any time there. Quick unrelated question. ….American media is making a BIG deal of Zika virus…Is it a big deal there? Especially with Carnival coming and Olympics this summer. Abrigado from Portland OR – USA!

    1. Hi, thanks for your nice comment!!! I always wanted to go on this Guanabara Bay tour, but didn’t have the chance yet! About Zika, unfortunately it is not only media hype. As it is a new virus,there is only few information about it, and scientists are still researching how the virus affects humans. The only thing already confirmed is the link between zika and microcephaly in newborns. So any women who are pregnant or who are planning to get pregnant in the next months should avoid coming to Brazil.That’s the main risk of Zika. The fever itself (if you are not in this group) is not so damaging if you compare it with dengue, the other disease transmitted by Aedes mosquito and that can cause more serious complications for humans. I will try to write a post about it this week, to explore a little bit more of this subject. Anyway for those who wants or needs to come to Brazil I recommend wearing long sleeves and trousers (it is difficult as we are in high Summer) and always protecting the skin with repellent ! Hope to have helped you!

      1. Thanks very informative! We took a tour of the bay with a nice man named Cassio based out of the RDJ Iate Club, his boat was called “Kamelamela”. Highly recommend him!

  2. Brazil is so beautiful! In my newest post, I tell also about Penedo, which quite near to Rio de Janeiro. Have You visited it? If You are interested, then check my links after photos.

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