About me

Hi everyone, my name is Cristina, but you can call me Cris!

I’m a mother and wife based in Rio de Janeiro, with a  passion for photography and all inspiring stuff!!

After an experience writing as a guest blogger for Notas in Fashion, my sister’s blog, where I used to post once in a week, I started feeling like it was time to have my own space.

So I started My Little Rio Journal to share with you my point of view of a life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, through my photos and thoughts.

As a typical carioca girl (carioca is someone born in Rio)I love going to the beach and whenever possible I spend weekends by the beach with my family.  But Rio, is much more than beautiful beaches and carnival!! There is so much to do around here!! And that’s what I would like to show you!!  I will try to share with you my visits to museums, cultural centers, exhibitions, restaurants and bars.

As a personal journal, you might find in this blog a little piece of my quotidian life in Rio through my pictures.

By the way english is not my native language, and the reason I chose writing a blog in english and not in portuguese is that I wanna reach as many people as possible from the most different parts of the world !

So I apologize for my language mistakes and feel free to comment and to share with me some english writing tips.

Welcome to My Little Rio Journal and taste a little bit of a life in Rio de Janeiro, the Marvellous City!

I hope you enjoy it!




  1. Thanks for dropping in! Hope to see you again soon, and good luck to you and your blog!


      1. I love the name…Little Rio! It’s just kind of cool…rolls off the tongue! Thanks for the reply…


  2. Hi Cristina! I just stumbled on your blog via a link from FoodishBoy who was staying with me a few weeks back. Now I’m all signed up and looking forward to reading your words and seeing your photos 🙂

  3. Congratulations for your blog. I were really curious about the blog that had commented and liked one of my photos. Now I found!
    Very nice!

    1. Girl, thank you so much!!! I’m so happy with so many awards!!! Thanks for all the support!! I’ve been really busy lately and couldn’t answer all the award posts yet, but I will do it soon! Congratulations for yourself too! Your blog is such a success!!

  4. Hi! I stumbeled over your blog while doing research for my trip to Rio, that I just came back from. What an amazing place! I totally fell in love with your city. Your blog is now helping me mend my post-vacation sadness and longing to go back. Just wanted to say thank you!

    1. Hi Therese! Thanks for visiting the city and my blog!!! I ‘m happy that you fell in love in Rio. It is not a perfect city, as it has many problems, as you might have seen, but I’ glad that you brought home only the good memories. Hope you can come back soon !! : ) Cristina

    1. Hi Ms.Diplomacy!!! Thank you so much for the nomination! I’m so glad to know that you like my blog !! I will participate the fun for sure. Thanks once more and congratulations for your beautiful blog!!: ) Cristina

    1. You`re welcome and thank you for visiting my and following my blog too! I love Italy and your blog have plenty of information about one of the cities I would like to visit in Italy!!! Keep blogging and Happy Easter!!!

  5. Great idea, great blog. As a native English speaker I would not have guessed it wasn’t your first language do no worries there. It will be interesting following this in the run up to the World Cup and beyond 🙂

  6. Cris, gostei do seu blog e de seu ponto de vista sobre o Rio. Será que vc nao toparia dedicar parte do seu tempo para receber pessoas que vem ao Rio e que gostariam de mergulhar um pouco do que é ‘ser carioca’? Dá uma olhada no nosso site (nomaders.com) e entra em contato comigo pra gente conversar um pouco mais!
    Grande abraço!

  7. Hey Cris,
    I stumbled upon your blog while doing some research on Rio. We’re heading that way next week!
    Cool photo of the bears at Leme Beach 🙂 Can’t wait to explore your city.

    1. Hi Nick!! Great you’re coming to Rio!! Are you planning to attend one of the games? Are you visiting any other cities in Brazil? If you have any doubt about Rio don’t hesitate to send me an email! Have a nice stay in Rio! ; )

  8. Cristina,
    Amei o seu blog. Tomei conhecimento atraves do Jack Palfrey. Lembra-se dele? Ele lhe entrevistou ha pouco tempo atras. A proposito gostaria de lhe convidar a conhecer a minha revista chamada Discover Brazil. Ela e produzida e distribuida no Canada. Todas as edicoes
    podem ser lidas tambem online atraves do meu site http://www.discoverbrazil.ca. Espero que goste. Vou deixar aqui o meu email. leilamonteirolins@gmail.com. Gostaria de manter contato com voce. Sucesso com o seu blog!

  9. Hello.

    You wrote: “I chose writing a blog in english and not in portuguese is that I wanna reach as many people as possible from the most different parts of the world !”

    I am not thinking this way. My blog have been in three languages and since half a year in four languages. I added Portuguese it after learning it three months. By doing so I must learn Portuguese and get more visitors from Your beautiful country. I visited it thrice in the 70s, in Rio and Resende.

    Sartenada’s photo blog.

    About me

    Well, personally I would be happy if You write also in Portuguese!

    Saudações da Finlândia!

    1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!! Writing both in english and portuguese is something I’ve been considering for a while, but I still have to organize the blog layout for that and I just didn’t have the opportunity yet! Maybe soon I will be posting in portuguese too and you will be able to practice your portuguese. Thanks once more and welcomd to MyLittle Rio Journal!!!!

  10. Hello Cristina, my name is Carmen. I am from Bolivia but I live in Houston, Texas. My husband and I used to live in Rio, and then we had a beautiful daughter (and by the way she is my little Carioca). She was born in Rio de Janeiro in 2003 and she’s very proud to be brazilian! I wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. My dream is to be back in Rio and live there with my family. My husband is American but he really loves Rio. I will be waiting for your reply. Hope you have a great weekend.
    P.s: English is my second language, just like you.

    1. Hi Carmen! Welcome to My Little Rio Journal!!! I got so happy to know that you are following my blog and liking it. Interesting you have already lived in Rio and that your little girl is a carioca! Well I hope you can taste a little of the life in Rio through my blog. I haven’t been blogging too much due to some personal matters but this week I intend to post something. Have a wonderful week! : ) Cristina

  11. As an educationist, am saying that you have prooved that you have been learning and that you have not stopped learning.
    Learning is a continous act which you have demonstrated. Keep doing what you know how to do best. Thank you for shairing your world with us

  12. I’m a travel blogger too (a new one) and I’m looking for some infos on Rio. I will happily follow your blog! Thanks for sharing tips on your town!

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