My Little Rio Journal New Year


A new year began bringing new plans, projects and a new hope for 2016! After spending the whole year of 2015 reflecting about keeping or not keeping this blog, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to make 2016 a new year for My Little Rio Journal.

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My Little Rio Vacation

Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

After being away for two weeks enjoying our family vacation through Portugal and Barcelona, we made it to come back  in time to spend Christmas Eve at home.

This year our Christmas celebrations were much quieter than last year’s. My mother is visiting my sister in New York and will be back only in January, so we didn’t have our traditional Christmas lunch on Christmas day at my Mom’s. We just celebrated with my husband’s family and had our Christmas feast at home, only the three of us. It was a simple meal, but with all the economical crisis we “brazilians” are going through and after two weeks indulging in rich meals, “pastéis de Nata” and red wine in Portugal, our Christmas supper were just what we needed.

By the way, we had a wonderful vacation traveling from Lisbon to Porto by car, stopping in some beautiful places and than back to Lisbon to take a flight to Barcelona to spend a weekend. It was our first time in Portugal and we got very well impressed with the beauty of this country. We just felt like home! Being able to communicate in our native language and the warm reception from all the Portuguese we had the chance to meet made all the difference to put this trip on an upper level. Barcelona was also a highlight in our trip. Only three days weren’t enough to see and visit everything  I had planned, specially when you are travelling with a kid. But the little time we had was enough to see the beautiful architecture and some of the most important attractions and to feel the city’s atmosphere, which in a way reminded us a little bit of Rio.

Now we are back in Rio, and it is difficult to get used to the extreme heat we are going through. The temperature easily  reaches 40 Celsius and all this sweating make me feels tired and in no mood to go outside.

We are still planning what to do for New Year’s Eve.  Although we live just a few blocks away from the famous Reveillon party at Copacabana beach, attending Copacabana fireworks is not an option for us. It is too much crowd and we are willing for a peaceful New Year’s celebration.

Wishing all of you a wonderful  New Year’s Eve and that in 2016 we can all renew our hopes for a peaceful and fairer World!!!