Checking ArtRio 2015, the Rio Art Fair

Last friday afternoon I escaped a little bit from my routine to check this year’s edition of ArtRio, the international Art Fair of Rio de Janeiro. I’ve been visiting ArtRio since its first edition and had the opportunity to see how this event has been consolidated in the Art scene in Rio.  Visiting ArtRio is the only moment when I stop to see what is going on the contemporary Art scene and check for myself what different international galleries has to show.

It is a moment when I just take the opportunity to release my mind from any worries or thoughts and just appreciate the beauty of art.

IMG_3990 IMG_4019 IMG_3995 IMG_3997 IMG_4007 IMG_4010 IMG_4011 IMG_4034 IMG_4038 IMG_4049 IMG_4048 IMG_4021 IMG_4039 IMG_4024 IMG_4029 IMG_4054

ArtRio always takes place in Rio in the first or second weekend of the month of September. If you are fond of arts and are planning to visit Rio, consider coming in the month of September.

ArtRio 2015 -September 10 to 13 – Pier Maua

A little bit of my visit to ArtRio 2014 Fair

Ten days ago I paid a visit to ArtRio, the 4th edition of one of the biggest art fairs in Latin America, hosted in Pier Mauá, Rio de Janeiro.

ArtRio Fair happens once a year, every september, usually some days before my birthday, which is to say, on the first half of september, and it is always hosted in Pier Mauá. Pier Mauá is the place where the cruise ships land in Rio.

The neighborhood around Pier Maua is being renovated by “Prefeitura do Rio” (Rio de Janeiro City Hall), who is leading a project, called Porto Maravilha Operation, to turn the area, once a degraded neighborhood, into a cultural and touristic spot.

Very close to Pier Maua entrance there is MAR (Museum of Art of Rio), which I’ve been planning to visit for a while but didn’t have the opportunity yet.

But talking about ArtRio… I don’t miss this fair since its first edition in 2010. As I’m not an art expert my visits are always guided by a curiosity instinct. What attracts me most in this art fair is that you can appreciate a Picasso, for example, just next to works of art of unknown and not famous artists.

In my opinion, Art is a good source for inspiration for photography, so, whenever I can,  I try to visit art exhibitions, like you can see here or here, and whenever I’m travelling I try to make time to visit art museums.

Another good thing about ArtRio is that visiting this fair you feel like you’re doing a quick tour to art galleries around the World. Galleries of cosmopolitan cities of the World like Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris, New York and São Paulo can be visited in ArtRio, and you won’t need to take an airplane for that.

This year I didn’t took my camera with me, my day began very early that day. I just didn’t want to carry my heavy Canon 60D all day long in my handbag. So I took all the photos above with my cellphone. Although it is not the same,it did the job to document the images that caught my attention!

I hope you like it!

Have a nice weekend everyone!



Art and crafts in Paraty

IMG_5208 IMG_5289 IMG_5291 IMG_5389 IMG_5390 IMG_5391 IMG_5394IMG_5381

Those photos I took in our one-day trip to Paraty last november and this I promise to be the last post about it. But I didn’t resist to share those photos with you guys.

I just love arts and crafts and Paraty is a historical little town full of crafts stores and little art galleries.

As my husband and son are not very interested in arts and crafts, in that occasion I only had time to take some quick shots of them.

Looking at those photos again just makes me want to come back there as soon as possible to get lost on those cute charming little shops spread over Paraty!




Cai-Guo-Qiang: Amazing exhibition in CCBB

Yesterday afternoon I took the opportunity of being in Rio’s downtown surroundings and paid a visit to Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB).

CCBB is a great Cultural Center with exhibition rooms, theaters, a library, cinema, and a video room. There is always a big exhibition there and this time it is Cai-Guo-Qiang- Peasant Da Vincis!  

It was the first time I saw the art of the multi-talented chinese artist Cai-Guo-Qiang and I got really delighted with his work.  In this exhibition Cai shows not only his own art, but he presents the stories of peasant inventors from all over China.

Besides the big installation in CCBB’s rotunda, what impressed me most were the videos showing how he uses gunpowder in some of his drawings.

If you have the chance of seeing this exhibition, don’t miss it! It is really worth seeing!

IMG_2395 IMG_2393 IMG_2384 IMG_2403 IMG_2414 IMG_2430 IMG_2436 IMG_2439 IMG_2447

Weekly Photo Challenge: One shot, two ways

One thing I learned when I attended a photography school some months ago was that if I want to photograph in a professional way I must exercise my “photographer’s eye” to find the best shot!

I’m aware I’m really far from becoming a pro but as I really want to improve my photography techniques, I’m trying to practice the most I can.  Shooting the same photo different ways is something I’m starting to do.


National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro – Landscape


National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro – Portrait

And last week when I visited the National Museum of Fine Arts in Rio, as I already told you here I practiced a little.

The first picture was a landscape shot. The subject of the photo was the museum’s room itself. In the second picture, the portrait shot,  I wanted to show the beauty of that work of art in the same room.

All depends on what you want to photograph. From now on, my  motto is “Tell the story with the photo”.