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Oi Rio Pro 2015, the brazilian stage for World Surf League

I think I might have already mentioned somewhere in the past of this blog that my husband loves surfing. Although lately he hasn’t been practicing his favourite sport as much as he would like to, it doesn’t mean that we haven’t been following what is happening in the Surf World.

My little boy, although not practicing surf yet, had already got curious about this sport. Specially after watching the 20 year-old brazilian boy, Gabriel Medina, winning the 2014 ASP World  Tour, and making history being the first brazilian winning the most important surf event for pros.  I myself have to admit that also started to get interested  in this sport and started to watch with my boys (husband and son) the surf competitions on TV.

When we knew that the second stage of The World Surf League 2015, would be held in Rio, in Barra da Tijuca, our favourite beach in Rio, we had to made plans to watch at least one day of the event.

So today, we woke up early and headed to Barra da Tijuca beach, at the point called Postinho, where the event is taking place until May 22nd. Before Round 2 started we watched some surfers training surfing the big waves of Barra da Tijuca.

It was very fun to watch those professional and famous athletes surfing in the waves of our favourite beach! My son got very excited to see some of the most famous professional surfers in the World like Mick Fanning and John John Florence just a few steps away from him

Unfortunately we wasn’t able to see Gabriel Medina, but my son managed to take a picture with his Father, Charles, and that was enough to make him happy.  We had a lot of fun and of course, I took a lot of photos that I share with you now.

I hope you like them!

If you are in Rio right now, even if you are not very keen on Surf, check by yourself a little bit of Oi Rio Pro, it would be a nice excuse to visit Barra da Tijuca beach.

Check the Event Guide at the official WSL website for some tips.

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My favourite italian restaurant in Rio

IMG_7348 IMG_9711

IMG_9724 IMG_9720Once in a while, me and my family enjoy weekend days in Barra da Tijuca. We like not only going to the beach there, as I already mentioned before, but also because my favourite italian restaurant in Rio is located there.

Of course I have not tried all the italian restaurants in Rio, but I can say that I have tried enough, of all price ranges, to elect Fratelli, the one in Barra da Tijuca, as my favourite one. (They have also a branch in Leblon, but I didn’t try it yet.)

I love the food, made with very fresh ingredients, the very attentive staff, the location, just in front of Barra da Tijuca beach and the great view!

Another highligh it’s their wine list, with bottles from different countries like Italy, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, Portugal, Chile, France.

The prices can be considered something between medium to high, but for the quality of food and service I find it very fair.

The menu has a great variety of dishes from pasta to fish. I have already tasted the Gnocchi with fresh asparagus, saffron and brie cheese, the Lasagna alla bolognese, the Steamed sole filet with lemon sauce, served with spinach cream. All of them very tasty!

But my favourite dish is the Raviolli alla Caprese, so simple dish, but so delicious! A raviolli stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and cottage, in a tomato sauce and basil.

For dessert, our choice is always the Petit gateau of chocolate and almonds with ice cream and a cup of espresso coffee.

Another good point of Fratelli Barra is that they are a kids-friendly restaurant. On Sundays it is common to see many families with kids having lunch their.

Although it might look a little sophisticated restaurant, the dress code is quite casual at lunch time. We can often see people who just left  the beach, wearing their flip-flops and going to Fratelli for lunch. At dinner time, following the smart casual dress code is a nice choice.

If you have the chance of being in Barra da Tijuca, give a try for Fratelli !!! I bet you won’t regret it!

Fratelli Barra da Tijuca –  Av. Sernambetiba 2916 – Tel: 2494-6644



My weekend companion


A “canga”, my havaianas sandals and coconut water – my best companion this past weekend in Barra da Tijuca Beach, Rio de Janeiro

After having a very busy week, this past weekend all I wanted to do was put my havaianas sandals, drink coconut water and lay down on my “canga” (a piece of a colourful soft cloth we use in the beaches instead of using the beach towell) to rest under the sun.

And that’s what we had! On saturday we drove to Barra da Tijuca to spend the day in our favourite beach, Barra da Tijuca beach!

The weather was perfect! It was a warm sunny day, but no extreme heat. There was a cooling breeze, but that was enought to make us feel cold and the best part, the water was just in the right temperature. Not cold at all, which is quite unusual for Rio de Janeiro beaches.

No crowds, no worries! A perfect scenery to relax!

It was so good that on sunday we repeated it all over again!!!!

Now I feel recharged to start a new week!!

Have a nice week everyone!!

Rio Beach Vendors

Little by little I am starting to play in the street photography field.  Street photography is something that always attracted me but I had always been a little afraid of shooting people in the streets. But after reading some tips in some photography blogs , I decided to adventure myself a a little bit using my cellphone camera as a first step to exercise getting out of my comfort zone. I’ve been sharing some of those photos on my Instagram @mylittlerio

But last saturday, in Barra da Tijuca Beach I had my camera with me. And while my son played with my husband I decided to have my first official street photography shooting. As it was Carnival saturday, there were a lot of beach vendors selling all kind of stuff. Ice-cream, cookies, bikinis, “cangas” and everything you can imagine, and it just crossed my mind that they would be a great subject for my photos.

So, from under my sunshade I took the photos bellow. Although they are not as good as I wished, I felt happy for being able to do it!

IMG_6871 IMG_6902 IMG_6903 IMG_6904 IMG_6905 IMG_6906 IMG_6907 IMG_6894 IMG_6897 IMG_6900