The Museum of the Indian – Museu do Índio in Botafogo

Today, April 19th, we celebrate Indian Day in Brazil , so as a tribute to all my indian ancestors I share with you the quick visit I paid some weeks ago to The Museum of the Indian in Botafogo.

If you happen to know a brazilian in your lifetime, ask about his origin. I dare to say almost 100% sure that his answer will be that somewhere looking back at his family tree, there is an indian ancestral in his genealogy (unless he is from an immigrant family) . Brazilian people are highly miscigenated. Portuguese, italians, and all the immigrants that came to Brazil to build their lives here had in some point of their family married indians or afrodescendants. I myself has a mix of  50% italian-afrobrazilian-indian + 50% portuguese-indian blood. That’s why I think that I got curious about visiting Museu do Índio, (Museum of the Indian) in Botafogo neighborhood. This “museum” is hidden in an elegant 19th-century mansion  in the quiet street Rua das Palmeiras in the heart of Botafogo. This museum is a cultural and scientific agency of the Fundação Nacional do Índio(National Foundation of the Indian) or FUNAI, and its main aim is to promote awareness of the importance of the indigenous cultures.

During my visit there I was completely by myself, except from the guards and from a man who arrived after me. I kept thinking how many of cariocas might already have visited this museum. Maybe not too many. Looking at the visitors notebook, I saw names of visitors from Portugal, Canada, German, but my name was the only one from Rio. Brazilians don’t have a very strong tradition in visiting museums,  and unfortunately Brazilian government don’t make great investments in Culture in general.

It was clear to me that the museum has difficulties to maintain itself. There was no one to receive me or to offer a brochure with a little guide to the museum. I got a little lost, until I discovered where to go first.   There are no signs in English, there are few of them even in portuguese. It doesn’t compare to any of the great museums of New York, London or Paris, but that  doesn’t mean that it is not worth the visit. Besides all of this, it is so interesting to visit a place that tries to keep the history and the memory of one of the people who were the first Brazilians, have a rich culture and knowledge about Nature. Unfortunately now, there are just a few of them.   IMG_3101 IMG_3135 IMG_3103 IMG_3107 IMG_3110 IMG_3111 IMG_3120IMG_3132Museu do Índio – Rua das Palmeiras 55, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro – Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm; Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, 1pm to 5 pm.

Miam Miam, cozy restaurant and comfort food

Botafogo neighborhood has plenty of good restaurants,  and Miam Miam is one of them. This small restaurant is housed in a small white colonial building and is fully furnished with vintage pieces, which gives it a relaxed vibe and a cozy atmosphere.

Last week, me and my family decided to go there for dinner. We didn’t have a reservation and we were lucky to find one last table left.

It wasn’t our first time there, but it was our first time with my little boy.  The staff is very nice and was very attentive to my little boy order. (I don’t know till when I will still be calling him “little”, he is already almost the same height as I am)!!

The menu is inspired in the “comfort food” concept and has a good variety of dishes! I ordered the eggplant lasagna , my husband the file mignon and gnocchi, and my son an option from the Kids Menu.

We had a lovely time ! Delicious food for a quite fair price!

It is a nice place to go for dinner with friends or just for drinks! Recently. Miam Miam was highlithted in the “Guide Michelin Rio e São Paulo 2015”, in the “Bib Gourmand” category, for restaurants that offers “exceptional good food at moderate prices”.

It is recommended to make a reservation because it is usually crowded, even during weekdays.

If you have a chance, pay a visit there and then stop by My Little Rio Journal to tell me your impressions about it.

Miam Miam – Rua General Goes Monteiro, 34 – Botafogo

Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

2012-11-27 19.51.23After a long while, I’m  joining again Weekly Photo Challege by Daily Post. . This is my entry for this week’s theme,  Weekly Photo Challenge-Nighttime .

I took this photo with my cellphone last year for my apartment, when I used to live in Botafogo. Although the quality of the picture is not good, I love this picture, maybe because I miss so much this view.



Early morning

DSCN4077I’ve been living in Copacabana for 6 months now, and I can say that I am already completely adapted to my new apartment and my new neighborhood, but if I had to mention one thing that I miss from my old apartment I would certainly pick this view.  The view of Enseada de Botafogo and all its shades and colors in the early morning is something I definitely miss!

Well, life is made of losses and gains!



Saturday Night View

IMG_6701Last saturday night we took our boy to the birthday party of one of his best friends. It would have been like any other kid’s birthday party, my son playing around with his friends while my husband and I ate lots of those delicious children’s party snacks and chatted with other parents. But this party was different, and the great difference was its location.

The party took place on the roof top of the building where my son’s friend lives and while taking care of my son we could enjoy this amazing night view of Botafogo neighborhood, Christ the Redeemer on the right and Pedra da Gavea on the left.

I haven’t been out for photography with my DSLR for a while so I enjoyed taking pictures of the kids playing and capturing this beautiful view with my camera.

I hope you like it!!