Brazilian national holiday

October 12th celebrations!


Birthday Cake and brazilian birthday sweets

In Brazil, the October 12th is a national holiday, we celebrate the day of Our Lady of Aparecida, the patroness of Brazil, according to catholic religion. Our Lady of Aparecida is a special saint for my family, my father used to be very devoted to Her and I kind of inherited his faith.

Besides being a religious day to some Brazilians, we also have another big celebration, we celebrate Children’s Day! All around the country, on the October 12th there are many special events dedicated to Children. ,

But  there is a third special reason  for making this date even more special for my family! It is my brother’s birthday! He turned 45 today, but he will always have a children’s heart! He is always making us laugh with his jokes and he just looks like a little boy again when he is playing with my son! I remember when we were kids and he kept calling me “gorda”, which means “fat girl”, which made me feel furious. But I also remember his silly jokes and how we played a lot together. He is not a person that likes celebrating his birthday very much, and lately he is always travelling on his birthday, so I had to wish him Happy Birthday by text messages, but anyway I wish he had a lovely day and that he has the best in his life!!



Enjoying another holiday in Rio

After all this weekend Easter celebrations, in Brazil we had today another national holiday. On April, 21st, we celebrate the anniversary of Tiradente’s death. Tiradentes is a national hero! He was one of the leaders of the movement known as the “Inconfidência Mineira , a revolutionary brazilian movement, whose aim was full independence from the Portuguese colonialism power and  proclaim a Brazilian republic.  He had a tragical death, after their plans were discovered. Tiradentes was arrested, tried and publicly hanged in a plaza in Rio de Janeiro, on April 21st, 1792. Brazilian Republic was only proclaimed years later in 1889.

Besides the historical meaning of this holiday, we (me, my husband and son)enjoyed this typical autumn day outdoors, like most of cariocas do. On Sundays and holidays, vehicular traffic is blocked in one of the lanes of Avenida Atlântica(the main avenue in Copacabana beach), which then becomes a large recreation area. So after riding our bikes for a while in the recreational area we took a little break for a jump in the water.

It was the perfect way to end this pleasant holiday!

While we enjoyed the water, our bikes waited for us....

While we enjoyed the water, our bikes waited for us….