Saturday in Jardim Botanico neighborhood


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My sister and I had made special plans for this saturday. We would like to have brunch at Confeitaria Colombo, at Forte de Copacabana, a perfect place for having breakfast and lunch outdoors, enjoying the beautiful view of Copacabana beach while eating all the delicious appetizers of the traditional Confeitaria Colombo. But we didn’t count that the weather would be so bad. The weather forecast said that the day would be cloudy with occasional showers during all day. And they were not wrong. When I woke up and saw the heavy and grey clouds in the sky I knew that we would have to change our plans, as we couldn’t risk getting caught in the rain with three children.

So my sister-in-law suggested trying a different and new place in Jardim Botanico neighborhood , Emporio Jardim, a mix of bakery, delicatessen and bistrot.

We were a group of ten, including the three kids, and as we arrived by 12 pm, the restaurant was crowded and we had to wait a little for a table. But the staff was all very solicitous and after a 15 minutes wait we are all set in the table ordering our brunch.

I had a tasteful omelet sided by a green salad and the most delicious gluten-free toast, I have ever had, totally different from those hard gluten-free toasts I’m used to buy in the supermarket. The cappuccino was also very tasty. The place is charming and the food is great, but they still need some adjustments in the service, we found the staff a little confused to handle with orders of big groups. Anyway, we had a lovely time, and it is totally worth the visit!

By the time we finished our brunch we had three little kids full of energy to spend. As it was not raining and as a gift for the kids nice behavior in the restaurant we decided to go to Jardim Botanico , so that they could run around and play a little bit. After a 10 min walk we were all there!

Everybody had fun! Kids playing, adults talking and appreciating nature and me, as usual, photographing everything.

After a while playing in the playgound area we started to feel some rain drops. A light rain, but it was enough to make us leave.

This full day ended in my apartment where my boy played with his cousins and we all ate a good snack: pães de queijo and passion fruit juice!

Have a nice weekend!