Weekly Photo Challenge – Signs

Tsunami - Evacuation Route Sign, San Francisco, 2012

Tsunami – Evacuation Route Sign, San Francisco, 2012

I picked an old photo to join the Weekly Photo Challenge – Signs by Daily Post.  It was our family road trip in California, in 2012. Our first stop was San Francisco, and I remember how this sign remind me that we were just on the top of San Andres Fault.

Some days later,  when we were already in Monterrey, we experienced our first earthquake. Well, I really don’t have memories of this experience, because the right moment the earthquake happened my son and I were already sleeping. But my husband was awake and felt our hotel room shaking for a few seconds. When it was all over, he woke me up to tell what had happened. I got so scared that I couldn’t sleep that night.

For someone who had always lived in Rio de Janeiro, I’m definitely not used to this kind of geological phenomenon, and that’s why this street sign impressed me so much!

Have a nice week everyone!

Bubble fun

Imagem 060

Pier 39, San Francisco, October 2012

I was searching for a specific photo in my photo folders and this one brought me good memories of our California vacation  in 2012.

That day we had just arrived in San Francisco and after a 6 hours flight from New York, all my boy needed was burning energy!! This bubble machine in front of a kite store in Pier 39  did a great job!! He ran around trying to catch the bubbles and had a great time!! The perfect exercising fun to calm down my little boy and make him bear all the touristic stuff that was coming ahead!

Moments like that make me think about our next family trip!!

Enjoy your sunday!!