A break from the Sun

After too many days melting down under the scorching january sun, this past week he finally gave us a little break.
On Wednesday, the weather started to change. We decided to go to Arpoador beach , when my husband arrived from work, for our firt swim in the Arpoador sea in 2015 and also to watch the spectacle of a sunset in Arpoador. But we were not lucky!
A cold front started to reach Rio de Janeiro coast on Wednesday afternoon and the sky was already cloudy, preventing us to watch the sun going down over the ocean.
Although the temperature decreased a little bit, from the 40’s Celsius to 35 Celsius, it was quite hot. A warm wind made us feel as if we were passing by an open oven, which was a little unpleasant.
Although it was almost seven pm in the middle of the week there was still a lot of people at the beach. Maybe they were expecting to watch the sunset like us.



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