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Weekly Photography Challenge: Texture


Texture, that’s what I saw while observing this small river at Jardim Botânico (Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden) this sunday morning. So, this is my entry for  this weekly photo challenge  from Daily Post. Have a nice week everyone!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring


We are not in spring in Rio de Janeiro. Actually we are in the middle of fall, as in south hemisphere the seasons are the reverse of those in the north hemisphere. But anyway,  in Rio de Janeiro weather hardly varies from season to season. Who lives in Rio has the sensation that we just have two seasons: “Very very hot” in Summer and “a little bit hot” in Fall, Winter and Spring.

So for this week’s photo challenge, I chose a picture I took in one of my visits to New York in Spring. And when talking about New York, nothing is more “Spring” than the tulips everywhere in parks and streets.

Have a nice week!

Weekly Photo Challenge - On Top

While my husband and my son played tennis I took pictures of those small monkeys that suddenly appeared in the tennis court screen.

Here in Rio, those “micos”, like we call those kind of small monkeys, are commonly seen on the top of the trees or walking on the power lines of some neighborhoods close green areas like Botafogo, Jardim Botânico and Alto Leblon.