Christmas Vacation

Christmas Time in New York - Rockfeller Center Christmas Tree

Christmas Time in New York – Rockfeller Center Christmas Tree

My Little Rio is a little off for my family  Christmas vacation in New York.

I’ve been spending the last days enjoying the company of my big sister Quiqui, and my beloved nephews and there haven’t been too much available time to post.  It’s the first time my mother is visiting New York and we have been very busy sightseeing and making her enjoy the most of her stay.

Anyway, it is Christmas time and it is time to spend with our family and loved ones.

I’m taking the opportunity of being offline a little bit to think about what happened this year and make some plans for 2015, which includes dedicate more time to photograph and blogging.

Well, as I probably won’t post again until I came back to Rio after New Year’s celebration, I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas time, that we all don’t forget the real meaning of Christmas!

Merry Christmas for everyone and see you soon!!!!

October 12th celebrations!


Birthday Cake and brazilian birthday sweets

In Brazil, the October 12th is a national holiday, we celebrate the day of Our Lady of Aparecida, the patroness of Brazil, according to catholic religion. Our Lady of Aparecida is a special saint for my family, my father used to be very devoted to Her and I kind of inherited his faith.

Besides being a religious day to some Brazilians, we also have another big celebration, we celebrate Children’s Day! All around the country, on the October 12th there are many special events dedicated to Children. ,

But  there is a third special reason  for making this date even more special for my family! It is my brother’s birthday! He turned 45 today, but he will always have a children’s heart! He is always making us laugh with his jokes and he just looks like a little boy again when he is playing with my son! I remember when we were kids and he kept calling me “gorda”, which means “fat girl”, which made me feel furious. But I also remember his silly jokes and how we played a lot together. He is not a person that likes celebrating his birthday very much, and lately he is always travelling on his birthday, so I had to wish him Happy Birthday by text messages, but anyway I wish he had a lovely day and that he has the best in his life!!



Weekly Photo Challenge:Family


That day when arriving in the beach I saw those shadows on the sand and thought that it would be fun to take a photograph of our shadows.

My family!! My husband, my son and me, from right to left.

Whenever we can the three of us are together having fun. And this is what happened that afternoon in the beach.

I hope you enjoy my entry for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Family.

Have a nice day everyone!!

A quick escape from My Little Rio

Those who follow My Little Rio might have noticed  that last week I have been away from the blog a little bit. But there is a good reason for that , I managed to make a quick escape from my mommy and wife life to visit my big sister Quiqui, from Notas in Fashion, in New York.

It was  two 10-hours flights (each way) and three days that can be summed up in thousands hugs and kisses on my lovely nephews, girls shopping out moments, beautiful new york fall photos, a lot of catching up the gossip with my sister and some extra kilos gained.

The time went so fast but it was so intense that made all the effort of staying away from my son for four nights and flying miles away totally worth it.

IMG_4177 IMG_4178 IMG_4189 IMG_4190 IMG_4192 IMG_4197 IMG_4246 IMG_4288 IMG_4296 (2) IMG_4304 IMG_4330Well now it is time to come back to my routine!!! Have a nice week everyone!!