Restaurante Gaivota, Homemade food in Buzios

IMG_1571 IMG_1561 IMG_1560 IMG_1567 IMG_1568 IMG_1569Sometimes when you are travelling, finding a place to eat that tastes like home can be quite difficult. But in Búzios, this beach town in the state of Rio, to where we go for weekend getaways once in a while, we have already found the perfect place to eat healthy and fresh home-made food tasting like home.

We go to Restaurante Gaivota for quite a long time. It is amazing how this modest family restaurant still remains offering the same standard of delicious food for years. There is no sophistication there.  Just some tables covered with plastic towels, attentive service, fair price and fresh food is enough to keep us faithful to this place over the years.

This last visit was a couple of weekends ago. We were arriving in Búzios by lunchtime after a 3 hour ride from Rio de Janeiro and it looked just perfect to make a pit-stop at Restaurante Gaivota for lunch, before we go to the inn we were staying.

Restaurante Gaivota is located near Geribá Beach, our favourite beach to stay in Búzios. So whenever we go to Buzios we always go there to have the same delicious meal, “Cação” Fillet (“cação” is the commercial name for small shark in Brazil) sided by rice and beans, french fries and salad. They have many options in their menu but  we just order the same dish every time! We just like to keep the tradition!

They like to keep things simple and you won’t find their website or Facebook page, because they just don’t have it. But believe me, if you are planning to visit Buzios, Gaivota is totally worth the visit! Try it and then let me know what did you find!

To know other people’s opinion check some comments on Tripadvisor.

Restaurante Gaivota – Rua Virginia, 24 , Búzios, Rio de Janeiro



My favourite italian restaurant in Rio

IMG_7348 IMG_9711

IMG_9724 IMG_9720Once in a while, me and my family enjoy weekend days in Barra da Tijuca. We like not only going to the beach there, as I already mentioned before, but also because my favourite italian restaurant in Rio is located there.

Of course I have not tried all the italian restaurants in Rio, but I can say that I have tried enough, of all price ranges, to elect Fratelli, the one in Barra da Tijuca, as my favourite one. (They have also a branch in Leblon, but I didn’t try it yet.)

I love the food, made with very fresh ingredients, the very attentive staff, the location, just in front of Barra da Tijuca beach and the great view!

Another highligh it’s their wine list, with bottles from different countries like Italy, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, Portugal, Chile, France.

The prices can be considered something between medium to high, but for the quality of food and service I find it very fair.

The menu has a great variety of dishes from pasta to fish. I have already tasted the Gnocchi with fresh asparagus, saffron and brie cheese, the Lasagna alla bolognese, the Steamed sole filet with lemon sauce, served with spinach cream. All of them very tasty!

But my favourite dish is the Raviolli alla Caprese, so simple dish, but so delicious! A raviolli stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and cottage, in a tomato sauce and basil.

For dessert, our choice is always the Petit gateau of chocolate and almonds with ice cream and a cup of espresso coffee.

Another good point of Fratelli Barra is that they are a kids-friendly restaurant. On Sundays it is common to see many families with kids having lunch their.

Although it might look a little sophisticated restaurant, the dress code is quite casual at lunch time. We can often see people who just left  the beach, wearing their flip-flops and going to Fratelli for lunch. At dinner time, following the smart casual dress code is a nice choice.

If you have the chance of being in Barra da Tijuca, give a try for Fratelli !!! I bet you won’t regret it!

Fratelli Barra da Tijuca –  Av. Sernambetiba 2916 – Tel: 2494-6644



Tapioca for breakfast

After 3 months indulging in cookies, lots of ice cream and having pizza for dinner in almost every weekend, besides not exercising in a regular basis you can imagine what happened. I gained back those 3 kilos that I’m always fighting back and that last year I finally managed to lose with a rigorous poor wheat diet and regular running training. So I’m officially back to square one when talking about maintaining my weight.

But last week as school holidays ended and I have the afternoons for myself while my kid is in school I decided it was time to stop giving excuses and start back my ever lasting diet and exercising routine. Since my nutritionist has taught me that tapioca is one kind of gluten-free flour that I can use to substitute wheat flour, I’m kind of in love with it.

Today for breakfast I made tapioca filled with cheese, tomatoes and basil (tapioca is a kind of pancake made with tapioca flour). It is so easy to make and the result is so delicious that I just got a little addicted to it and once in a while I make it for breakfast or for an afternoon snack.

All you have to do is put a non stick frying pan to heat up, and then put the tapioca flour directly on the dry pan until the flour fuses on low heat, to avoid burning. Flip it once and top it with  cheese or as you like it.

The result is delicious!!!

IMG_4987 IMG_4990

If you got curious about tapioca flour and want to understand a little more about it , take a look at this post by Saskia in her blog A Taste of Brazil or this other one by Tom in his blog EatRio .

If you ever come to Brazil you got to try tapioca. In Rio you will find them in many street food carts, in some cafes and sometimes in your hotel’s breakfast. Enjoy it!!!




Saturday breakfast

Last night my son asked me ” mommy, when are you going to stop going on this diet?  your diet is so boring”! After that, today  I got up  in the mood of eating a delicious and typical brazilian carbs for breakfast.

So I baked those delicious “pães de queijo” (brazilian cheese bread) to eat for breakfast with my son.


I baked those frozen “pães de queijo” sold  in most brazilian supermarkets.


In only 25 minutes they are ready!


They are crunchy outside and kind of gummy inside.


Pão de Queijo and cuf of espresso are a perfect combination!




And a cup of caffe latte to finish!

Some tips to eat a good “pão de queijo” in Rio:

– You can find “pão de queijo” in every bakery and also in every coffee shop.

– If you decide make them at home you can cook the batter for yourself or use the frozen ones as I usually do.  It is a little complicated to find the right ingredients to make a delicious “pão de queijo” so I prefer to by the bags of frozen “pão de queijo”  by “Forno de Minas”.

– It is better to eat  them right after they come out of the oven, otherwise they will get hard.

Well, if you have a chance, try them! I’m sure you won’t regret yourself!

Have a nice weekend!