Casa Momus, a sophisticated option in Lapa

Last night, me and my husband went out for a happy hour with a couple of friends! It was a special night! My friend, the guy, would introduce us to his fianceé and give us their wedding invitation. I know this guy for 14 years, and although we don’t see too much lately he is a very good friend and I was very happy to know that he is getting married soon. We worked together in two companies and he ended becaming a close friend. Although we have the same age, I consider him almost as an older brother and he was one of the groomsmen on our wedding. So there was plenty of reasons for a happy hour celebration!

We didn’t know very well where to go, and we ended up in Rua do Lavradio , in Lapa neighborhood, looking for a bar to have a couple of drinks. But we were seduced by the atmosphere of an apparently new house in Rua do Lavradio, called Casa Momus.

The soft lightening of the place invited us in and we decided to stay and try this new place.

This restaurant/bar is in a preserved old house, from the 19th century. The decoration is modern and cozy, and the music is relaxing.

The menu is based in mediterranean influences. I’ve tried the bruschettes trio and the asparagus risotto. Both of them very tasty!

Although they recommended for drinks  the Spritz, an italian drink, me and my friends fiancée decided to toast the night with a glass of wine. While the boys, preferred beer.

The happy hour turned out in a lovely dinner, with a combination of tasty food and lively conversation with good friends! We couldn’t make a better choice than Casa Momus for last night.

It is a great option in Lapa, totally different from the samba houses and botecos from the neighborhood. It has a great atmosphere and the prices are quite fair.

I’m definitely planning another visit!!

 Casa Momus – Rua do Lavradio, 11 – Lapa – Rio de Janeiro

Some great posts about Rio

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It seems a lot of people, not only brazilians or cariocas, but also many foreigners are blogging about their experiences in Rio. And seeing a little of my city through other people’s eyes is such an interesting thing. 

Here I share with you some interesting posts and tips I found on WordPress about life in Rio. I hope you like it!

  • The photographer Lindsay Upson, the girl behind the blog Drink up the sun!  shared her beautiful photos of  Escadaria Selaron, a unique spot in Lapa neighborhood here.
  • Rio for Gringo has some great tips about Rio. I loved this post about Bar Urca, one of my favourite places for an ice beer and beautiful view in summer time.
  • I’ve been willing to go to the famous Roda de Samba in Pedra do Sal lately, but as a mother of a young boy it is quite difficult to go out on a monday night. But the girls from I Heart Rio describes their experience in the samba in Pedra do Sal very well here. It seems the perfect place to go on a summer monday night.
  • Reserva TT Burger is on my list of new places to eat since they opened some months ago. In fact I tried to go on my birthday there, but my boy just got sick that night and we had to postpone our visit. But after reading  City of Cod experience here I just can’t stop dreaming about this burger.
  • The Foodish Boy shared amazing photos of his experience in Rio in this post. It ‘s  totally worth visiting!


A blessed day

It is so funny how life can surprise us with little special things that really can make our day happier and filled with good thoughts.

Today I was walking around in Lapa neighborhood, after solving a family issue around there, and just met casually a good friend. It was really a good surprise! She was the kind of company I was just needing to discuss about my lately mother concerns, the chosen of the right school for my boy. He is just about to leave the pre-school and next year starts in the primary school, and me and my husband has been debating exhaustively about which is the best school for him and for us, as a family.

But talking about surprises, my friendship with this girl I met today was really a good surprise in my life. We worked together in the same company some years ago and by that time we were just work colleagues. But  some years later, we were supposed to meet again in another company and this time we had the opportunity to know each other better and to discover many things in common. Surprisingly she turned to be one of my best friends and the one for whom I ask for advice when I find myself confused about motherhood and all the concerns that involves educating children in this crazy world!

We had a lovely time together, and her advises calmed down my mum heart.

After we said goodbye to each other, I just felt in the mood of entering the Saint Anthony Church I just had passed by when we we’re going to the restaurant. And that was definitely another great surprise in this day.

It was my first time in this church and I arrived in the final part of a mass. I’m really not the kind of religious girl who attend the mass often, although I’m trying to change this lately. It was the moment of the blessing, and  the atmosphere was filled with such a positive vibration that I just couldn’t leave. While praying I thanked God for life I and for all the good and true friends I have. Each of them specialized in a  particular field of my heart.

Besides this special moment,  this church, from 1940, was recently restored and  is really worth visiting for its beauty.  During the renovation construction the original hydraulic tiled floor of the first Saint Anthony Chapel, from 1810, was found and it is another good surprise.

After the mass finished I stayed a little more, and snapped some photos with my cell phone, hoping to come back soon to this beautiful and peaceful temple. It was a great way to start my weekend! Have a nice weekend everyone!!

Igreja Santo Antônio dos Pobres
Rua dos Inválidos, 42 – Centro