Leme Beach

Praia do Leme

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There was a long time I didn’t go to Leme beach (Praia do Leme)! Leme is the neighborhood located on the left side of Copacabana beach, if you’re looking at the sea. Its stretch of sand extends from Avenida Princesa Isabel to Pedra do Leme.

When my boy was younger and we were not in the mood to take a trip to Barra da Tijuca, Leme was always our choice to spend some time by the beach. The stretch of sand is wide, there are a lot of families that go there and it is usually not so crowded, differently from other beaches in Zona Sul!

So, last thursday after spending the whole day at home in the air-conditioner, I invited some of my son’s best friends to enjoy the end of the day at Leme beach. The kids would play together while me and the other mothers would have some time to catch up on all the gossip.

And we had a wonderful time! We arrived at the beach at 5:30pm and the sun was still high in the sky, and I almost repent myself for not arriving later at the beach.  We rented a sunshade for R$5 and put it close to the shore, so we could watch the kids playing in the water while we sat under the shade.

The sun went down but the kids didn’t want to go home! They were having such a great time that we only left the beach at 8:30pm!

I can’t believe I haven’t gone there for almost a year! It was the perfect way to start our weekend!

Enjoy your sunday!