After a break

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After staying offline for a whole month, I’m back to the blogging business.  I needed to take a breath and think a little bit if I was keeping the blog or not. After my last post, I think it got clear for everyone who reads my blog how I have been feeling a lack of enthusiasm and motivation to keep writing about Rio after all the violent events we have been  facing lately.

If once I was proud to share with you how beautiful things Rio has to offer, now my “carioca” self-esteem is quite low at the moment and I started to feel that writing about this city was something that I just couldn’t do it anylonger.

The idea of quiting this blog started to come over my mind. Stop blogging on My Little Rio Journal started to seem the right thing to do as I felt unable to do what I most like doing in the streets of Rio, which is taking photos. I don’t feel confident to go out with my camera and capturing with my camera what I see with my eyes.  I started to consider that maybe this blog wasn’t making sense anylonger to myself.  At the same time, new personal projects started to demand me more time and blogging was always on my last priority.

But, meanwhile I was living this existential blogger crisis,  I kept receiving emails from many followers giving me support to keep blogging and to have hope in a better Rio. People from different parts of the world kept asking me tips and some advice about Rio and I started to evaluate how many good opportunities this blog brought to me.

Being interviewed by BBC UK during the World Cup, meeting personally the great travel blogger Annie from Annie Anywhere, sharing my articles with different audiences as guest blogger in travel blogs and travel sites, meeting virtually so many incredible people that I can’t even mention all of them  and having the feeling of sharing useful information with anyone interested in coming to Rio were just some of the awesome experiences I lived only because of the blog. Quiting this blog would mean closing a door to the World!!

So, after a lot of thinking I decided to keep My Little Rio Journal!!! Althought my tone may change a little bit from now on, becoming less optimistic thant once I was, I will try to keep sharing My Little Rio with you!!!

Maybe I won’t be blogging so frequently as once I had done, but I will be here to share with you the way I see Rio.

By the way, thanks everyone for taking your time to read this blog, comment my posts and send me emails !!! You are definitely the reason why I decided keep blogging!!!

Hoping to share good news from Rio soon !!!!



For a better Brazil

IMG_1029Today we put our yellow and green shirts and joined people in the streets in the protests to claim for a better Brazil. Although many claims for the impeachment of our actual president Dilma Roussef, which political specialists consider unlikely to happen, my personal reasons to join the crowd in Copacabana seafront were to protest against corruption, impunity, but most of all to teach my little son that when we see something wrong happening we can’t silence ourselves.  Although people in the crowds claimed for different reasons they all have in common the same dissatisfaction with Brazil situation.

It is well-known that Brazil lives a serious economical, political and social crisis.  After the reelection of President Dilma Roussef, last October, brazilian people are divided in two groups, the ones that still supports the government and the ones that didn’t vote for her,  who are protesting today for a better Brazil.

We didn’t stay much, my son doesn’t like crowds, but we stayed enough time for him to see with his own eyes what we people can do to protest against a bad administration government, when you live in a democratic country. Brazilians kept in silent for years, but now things are changing.  I’m not going to deepen the political discussion, this blog is not for that and I’m not an expert in brazilian politics, I’m just sharing my personal thoughts and feelings as a brazilian.

We don’t know what is going to happen next. Just hope things start to change and that Brazil can recover soon from the serious crisis we’re living.

Back to the routine

Praça XV

Praça XV

Avenida Rio Branco and the construction just by Theatro Municipal

Avenida Rio Branco and the construction just by Theatro Municipal

Palácio Tiradentes

Palácio Tiradentes

Avenida Primeiro de Março

Avenida Primeiro de Março

Since I left my job to become a fulltime mother, taking vacation has meant school vacation. And every time my son has school holidays, I slow down on my personal routine too, and take a little break from some of the routine of a busy mother. As we got back from our trip to New York last december in the beginning of January, I  tried to keep my son entertained with a little bit of fun the rest of the holidays. Going to the club to play and enjoy the pool, spending some time at the beach and joining some children activities were some what we did in the last month. Now that summer holidays are over (in Brazil, summer school holidays lasts from december to january) I’m trying to go back to my regular routine. Among all the Mommy’s tasks I’m still figuring out of how matching my son schedule to my personal schedule, so that my life don’t resume to being a mother. Probably by the end of february I will have everything arranged and I will be able to start my personal projects.

Meanwhile, I take the time my boy is at school to do some personal things. Today, after attending a doctor’s appointment at Centro da Cidade (downtown) I had still some free time for a stroll around. I love to walk around Centro da Cidade with no rush so I can enjoy the old architecture that still remains in the city. I took with me my small point and shoot camera, in case I saw something that might deserve a snapshot. I wished I had my DSLR with me, but carrying my heavy camera in my bag when having to walk some long blocks under Rio de Janeiro heat was something out of question today.  So I just snapped a few photos that I share with you here. I hope you like them!

Have a nice week!!




It is quite a cliché, but saying that a kid can teach a lot to their parents is totally truth.

I’m not only talking about unconditional love or putting someone else’s  priorities in the first place, but after 6 years being a mother  I learned so much more.

It is all about experiencing new things, and doing things you probably wouldn’t if you were not a parent. Besides other more deep feelings, my little son know is teaching me to play chess.Yes, the game board, chess!!

He started playing chess in the computer and got interested in playing the real game.  I’ve never learned to play chess when I was a kid, in my house nobody played chess at that time. I have always thought it was too difficult and really never tried. But my husband knows how to play it, he learned in his childhood and recently started to teach my boy the basic rules.

Now, after a while playing against the computer and playing with his father, my little son is already able to teach me the little he had already learned. As we’re staying a lot at home, due to the heat outside, we’ve been practicing together a lot those last days.

After loosing every game to my little teacher, yesterday I finally could trap his king! My first checkmate!!! I felt proud for myself, but also for my little son, if it wasn’t him I would probably never learn it!

Life after 6pm


Copacabana beach at 7pm yesterday

The heat outside is keeping me at home more than I would like to those last days. But the temperatures are frequently around 40°Celsius and all I want to do is stay inside cooling down in the air conditioner.

Whenever is possible I wait until 6pm, when the sun is starting to go down, to do the things I have to do outdoors. The only problem is that I’m having to be super creative to keep my little boy entertained inside during the day. We are still enjoying summer school holidays!  The day is filled playing lots of board games and video games. Unfortunately this is not enough to spend his energy and once in a while I have to take him out to the club or for a late swim in the beach like we did yesterday.

We had an earlier dinner and went to the beach to cool down a little in the sea.

I was surprised to see how many people there was in the beach for a Tuesday night (yes we arrived at the beach at 7pm). It seems everyone had the same idea as me. But anyway it was not so crowded and we had an hour of beach fun swimming and playing in the sea.

We left the beach at almost 8 pm and there was still a lot of people on the sand and in the sea paddle boarding or just swimming.

It seems that this summer going to the beach during the day is not an option for us!

See you soon!